BGY – CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare Plan to Control the World (4) – United to Divide

Author: pv0 Editor: 孔雀 & 庚子灭共(文瑞) Illustrator: 科林零

By playbook of the Chinese Communist China (CCP), Hunter BIDEN is an ‘useful idiot’ easy to be entrapped with money and sex. But he is the son of the Vice President of the United States, therefore the actions ought to appear inconspicuous. That is where CCP’s foreign infiltration organizations came to help.

These organizations, such as the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the CCP (United Front), the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA), the China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC), and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), disguised under innocuous names, are agencies that function as proxies for CCP propaganda and political and economic interests, meanwhile form a network to surveillance on Chinese-heritage citizens worldwide, report on and subvert “anti-Chinese hostile forces”, and engage in espionage activities. They claim to be non-political but in fact are subservient to the CCP, and its leaders are selected by the CCP, or are themselves CCP members.

Joe BIDEN likes to flaunt about his 1979 visit to China and convince the world of his special insight into the “evolving nature of the Chinese Communist Party”. Evolution, however, took a wrong turn – The CCP, from autocracy into dictatorship; Joe BIDEN, from the young Delaware senator to “CCP BIDEN” running for 2020 U.S. presidency on behalf of Beijing. A “China hand” like him must know the unspeakable nature of these organizations, but he used them to grease the wheels for his son for entering CCP’s financial elite circle and watched his son gobbled up by the mechanism of these networks. He denied having any knowledge of Hunter’s business activities in China or that it influenced any policy, forgetting that Hunter BIDEN as the son of U.S. Vice President was protected by the Secret Service during his trips to China and recorded for activities attended, such as quasi-official receptions, and press coverage.

Based on facts documented in the Typhoon Investigations report, the primary purpose for Hunter BIDEN’s involvement in BHR is political bribery and influence, as all of BHR’s investors or founding partners are either state policy entities, state-owned enterprises, or private persons behind such entities, a handful of players who sit atop investments across Chinese state-backed projects or enterprises. Specific deal terms point to business practices designed to funnel fees and assets to benefit specific parties. The collusion can be traced back to CCP’s foreign infiltration organizations that mediated relations between Chinese state officials to meet Hunter BIDEN and arrange for public money through social security funds, state-owned enterprises, and policy banks to fund the investment partnership.

With decades of planning, the CCP foreign infiltration organizations mapped out globally and are increasingly good at glossing over their mission with coverups. Confucius Institute, for example, with nearly 500 facilities operating in 6 continents, indoctrinates CCP ideology in the name of promoting Chinese culture. As part of the actions taken to limit CCP infiltration, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo calls for all Confucius Institutes in the country to be closed by the end of 2020. And the forced shutdown of China’s Consulate in Houston put a block on works of infiltration organizations in the heartland of U.S. to an extent. Nevertheless, the CCP infiltration clockwork is ticking strong. General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party XI Jinping, having adamantly predicated that BIDEN would win the election, is personally winding up the mainspring.

As captured in Newsweek Magazine’s “Exclusive: 600 U.S. Groups Linked to Chinese Communist Party Influence Effort with Ambition Beyond Election”, the CCP foreign infiltration organizations function like the trojan horse that transport armies of agents who pop up at the commander’s notice to influence the U.S. social political outcome through coordinated tasks. The information warfare, designed to misinform and distort truths, grows more fierce each day closer to Election Day. Mainstream media wary of CCP retaliation remains silent on “CCP BIDEN” subjects, while Twitter blocks all user accounts that retweet information posted on Whistleblower Movement’s GNEWS, GTV, Lude Media and Mr. Miles GUO. In what XI Jinping calls the “Ultimate War” for the CPP, it is also an “Ultimate War” for the human civilization.

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