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Zymergen raised $300 million because synthetic biology is so hot right now. The new capital will be used to accelerate manufacturing of the company’s Hyaline film, which should be used seen in commercial products as soon as next year, according to the company. This is a revolutionary electronic application film used in flexible circuits, display touch sensors and completely transparent printed circuit boards (PCB).

2、谷歌宣布推出Android 11,這是其移動操作系統的最新版本。
Google  today announced the launch of Android 11, the latest version of its mobile operating system. 

PopSQL raises a $3.4M seed round for its collaborative SQL editor. With PopSQL, teams can write a database query once and then easily share it within their company. With this tool, developers and data analysts can also easily create different versions of a query.

4、Carbon Health初創公司將在全美開設100家活動式COVID-19測試站。這種方式可能會成為壹種持久和靈活的方式,以滿足各地分布式冠狀病毒檢測的需要。
Carbon Health to launch 100 pop-up COVID-19 testing clinics. Carbon Health’s model could be a more permanent and scalable way to address the needs of distributed care everywhere.

A major European Commission review of a Code of Practice aimed at combating the spread of disinformation online has concluded the self-regulatory instrument is failing to deliver enough transparency or accountability from the tech platforms and advertisers signed up to it.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to put huge stress on people’s and businesses’ finances, and in an effort to meet some of the crunch, today PayPal  and Visa announced an expansion of a service to get cash into people’s hands faster. 

The city council in Portland, Oregon passed legislation Wednesday that Portland will both prohibit city bureaus from using the controversial technology and stop private companies from employing it in public areas.

8、成立於2015年的Iron Ox公司是農業機器人領域最著名的公司之壹,最近宣布完成2000萬美元的B輪融資。在COVID-19時代,其中壹些問題變得更加緊迫,人們仍然擔心病毒傳播的可能性。因此,投資者正在關註所有的機器人技術和自動化技術。
Bay Area-based Iron Ox  today announced a $20 million Series B. Founded in 2015, Iron Ox has become one of the more prominent names in the world of agricultural robotics. In the era of COVID-19, some of those problems have become even more pressing, with additional concerns surrounding the potential for transmission. It’s no surprise, then, that the company was able to nearly double previous raises in an era when investors are eyeing any and all robotics and automation.

Trump says deadline for TikTok sale won’t be extended. This adds urgency to negotiations because TikTok may be banned in the United States if it can’t reach an agreement with a buyer.

Anduril, a young defense-friendly tech company from the founder of Oculus, received $36 million from Customs and Border Protection this month for its AI-powered autonomous surveillance towers to build the virtual border wall.

(消息來源:http://techcrunch.com )

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