新闻简述:2020年10月5日,在川普总统出院当日,Walter Reed 医院医疗团队,包括 Conley 医生,最后举行了一次新闻发布会,介绍川普总统出院和返回白宫的具体情况,并详细回答了记者提出的各种问题。

Dr. Sean Conley: Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for being here.

Sean Conley医生:大家下午好。谢谢你们来到这里。

Over the past 24 hours, the president has continued to improve. He’s met or exceeded all standard hospital discharge criteria. He’ll receive another dose of remdesivir here today, and then we plan to get him home. It’s been more than 72 hours since his last fever, oxygen levels, including ambulatory saturations and his work of breathing are all normal. Though he may not entirely be out of the woods yet, the team and I agree that all our evaluations, and most importantly his clinical status, support the president’s safe return home, where he’ll be surrounded by world-class medical care 24/7.

在过去的24小时里,总统的病情持续好转。他达到或超过了所有标准的出院准则。他今天将在这里接受另一剂瑞德西韦, 然后我们计划让他回家。距离他上次发烧已经超过72小时了,氧气水平,包括动态饱和度和他的呼吸都很正常。尽管他可能还未完全脱离困境,但团队和我一致认为,我们所有的评估,最重要的是他的临床状态,都支持总统安全回家,在那里,他将得到全天候世界级的医疗护理。

I’d like to bring Dr. Dooley up to review some more specifics.


Dr. Sean Dooley: Good afternoon, just a brief update this morning. As Dr. Conley mentioned, the president continues to do very well. His vital signs this morning were notable for a temperature of 98.1, his blood pressure was 134 over 78, and a respiratory rate of 17 respirations per minute, and his heart rate was 68 beats per minute. His last oxyhemoglobin saturation was 97% on room air. He currently does not endorse any respiratory complaints, and aside from our evaluation with the multi-disciplinary team this morning, has maintained a full schedule, ambulating and working on the White House medical unit.

Sean Dooley医生:下午好,今天早上只是一个简单更新。正如Conley医生提到的,总统的情况持续向好。今早他的生命体征明显,体温98. 1,血压134/78,呼吸频率为每分钟17次,心率为每分钟68次。他的最新氧合血红蛋白饱和度在室内空气下为97%。他目前没有任何呼吸道的不适,除了今天上午我们与多学科团队的评估之外,他一直保持着全负荷日程,在白宫医疗单元内活动和工作。

I’ll now turn it over to Dr. Garibaldi to again discuss therapeutics. Thanks.


Dr. Brian Garibaldi: Hi, good afternoon. Again, I just wanted to echo the sentiment of what an honor it is to be part of this wonderful team here at Walter Reed. Yesterday evening the president received his third dose of remdesivir and he tolerated that infusion without difficulty and his kidney and liver function continued to be normal. Our plan is to give the fourth dose of remdesivir this evening before he goes back to the White House. We’ve made arrangements to deliver the fifth and final dose of his treatment course at the White House tomorrow evening. He continues on dexamethasone and, again, the plan for today is to continue to be up and out of bed, eat and drink, and work as he is able.

Brian Garibaldi医生:大家下午好。我想再次同样表达,在沃尔特-里德这里能成为这个优秀团队的一员是多么的荣幸。昨天晚上,总统接受了他的第三剂瑞德西韦,他顺利地接受了输液,他的肾脏和肝脏功能持续正常。我们的计划是在他回白宫之前,今晚再给他注射第四剂瑞德西韦。我们已经安排好了明天晚上在白宫给他注射第五次,也是治疗过程中最后一次剂量。他继续服用地塞米松,同样,今天的计划是继续离床,进食,饮水和工作,尽其所能。

Dr. Brian Garibaldi: I’d like to turn it over to Dr. Jason Blaylock, who’s an infectious disease specialist and the chief of medicine here at Walter Reed to give some updates on infection control. Thank you.

Brian Garibaldi医生:我想请Jason Blaylock医生,他是传染病专家,也是沃尔特-里德的医学主管,给大家介绍一下感染控制的最新情况。谢谢。

Dr. Jason Blaylock: Good afternoon, everyone. First of all, I just want to say what an honor it’s been to be part of this medical team behind me and to care for the president.

Jason Blaylock医生:大家下午好。 首先,我只想说,能成为我身后这个医疗团队的一员,并照顾总统,是多么的荣幸。

Since the president’s arrival at Walter Reed, he’s received medical management that remains in line with national, clinical, societal guidelines for treatment of COVID-19 infection. In addition, both myself and Dr. Wes Campbell have worked very closely with various laboratories in the area, state-of-the-art facilities, to include USAMRAA and [RAR 00:03:10] on obtaining advanced diagnostic testing to really inform the White House medical team of both the status of the president, as well as his ability to transmit virus to others. Also, we have worked very closely with the Walter Reed team to ensure that we are looking very closely at infection control prevention strategies and the right posture so that the president can safely return to his residence.

自从总统来到沃尔特里德,他接受的医疗管理符合COVID-19感染治疗的国家,临床,社会准则。此外,我和Wes Campbell医生与该地区的各种实验室密切合作,利用最先进的设施,包括USAMRAA以获得先进的诊断测试,来真实通告白宫医疗团队关于总统的状态,以及他传播病毒给其他人的能力。此外,我们还与沃尔特-里德团队密切合作,以确保我们非常密切地关注预防感染的策略和得当的措施,以便总统能够安全地返回住所。

With that, I’m going to turn it over to Dr. Conley, who will answer any final questions?


Dr. Sean Conley: Thanks, Jason.

Sean Conley医生:谢谢你,Jason。

I mentioned it Saturday, but I’d like to reiterate myself just how grateful the president and I are to the men and women of Walter Reed, our colleagues at Johns Hopkins, as well as the many federal, private institutions that we’ve received support from. So long as everything continues on the track that we’re experiencing right now, at this time, as the president already tweeted out, is to get him home later today. With that, I’ll take a couple questions.



Speaker 5:  Dr. Conley, how can the president be discharged back to the White House when he was given steroids. You’ve said that he’s still on those steroids. Those are medicines, as you know, that are usually given to COVID patients who are on ventilators or with low oxygen, so did you over-treat him? If he’s still on that medication, how is it safe for him to return to the White House?


Dr. Sean Conley: We send patients home with medications all the time. In fact, yesterday afternoon, he probably met most of his discharge requirements safely from the hospital. He’s returning to a facility, the White House medical unit, that’s staffed 24/7, top-notch physicians, nurses, PAs, logisticians. The unit here, the team here behind me, is going to continue to support us in that nature.

Sean Conley医生:我们经常让病人带药回家。事实上,昨天下午,他可能已满足了大部分的安全出院要求。他将回到一个设施,即白宫医疗单元,那里有全天候的工作人员,一流的医生、护士、助理医师、后勤人员。这里的单元,我身后的团队,会继续以这种方式支持我们。



Speaker 6: Dr. Conley. Dr. Conley, what are infection control measures are you taking and how was it safe for him to drive around in a cloth mask yesterday? How is it safe for him now to return to the White House where there’ve been so many cases? How’s any of this safe?

记者:Conley医生, Conley医生,你采取的感染控制措施是什么? 昨天他戴着布面罩坐车兜风,怎么会安全?他现在回到有那么多感染病例的白宫又如何能安全?这些怎么能安全?

Dr. Sean Conley: The president has been surrounded by medical and security staff for days wearing full PPE. Yesterday, the US Secret Service agents were in that same level of PPE for a very short period of time. We’ve worked with our infectious disease experts to make some recommendations for how to keep everything safe down at the White House for the president and those around him. We’re looking at where he’s going to be able to carry out his duties, office space. I’ll just say that it’s in line with everything we’ve been doing upstairs for the last several days.

Sean Conley医生:总统身边的医护人员和安保人员连日来都穿着全套个人防护装备。昨天,美国特勤局特工也在短时间内穿着同样级别的个人防护装备。我们和我们的传染病专家合作,提出了一些建议,如何保证总统和他身边的人在白宫的一切安全。我们正在研究他在哪里能够履行职责,办公空间。我只想说,这与我们过去几天在这楼上所做的一切是一致的。

Speaker 7: Can you tell us please, on testing, can you tell us when he had his last negative test? Was it Thursday? Was it Wednesday? Do you remember when he had his last negative test?


Dr. Sean Conley: I don’t want to go backwards.

Sean Conley医生:我不想回溯。

Speaker 7: It helps for contact tracing for people who were around him to know when he was positive.


Dr. Sean Conley: I understand. The contact tracing, as I understand it, is being done. I’m not involved in that.

Sean Conley医生:我理解。据我所知,接触人的追踪正在进行中。我没有参与其中。

Speaker 8: [crosstalk] that he leave or was this something he pushed for?

记者:[交叉发言,无法听清] 他出院是他强迫的吗?

Dr. Sean Conley: No. We try to get patients home and out of the hospital as quickly as is safe and reasonable. Every day a patient stays in the hospital unnecessarily is a risk to themselves. Right now there’s nothing that’s being done upstairs here that we can’t safely conduct down home.

Sean Conley医生:不是。我们尽量让病人在安全合理的情况下尽快出院回家。病人在医院里不必要地多呆一天,对他们自己来说都是一种危险。现在,没有什么是在这楼上能做到, 我们不能安全地在家里操作的。

Speaker 9: You had said that seven to ten days was a window that you’d be concerned about. I don’t think we’re there yet. Do you have concerns about potential worsening or reversal? What are your plans for addressing that if it were to happen?

记者:你说过七到十天是你担心的时间窗口。 我认为还没到那个时候。你是否担心潜在的恶化或逆转?如果发生这种情况,你有什么计划来解决?

Dr. Sean Conley: You’re absolutely right. That’s why we all remain cautiously optimistic and on guard because we’re in a bit of unchartered territory when it comes to a patient that received the therapies he has so early in the course. We’re looking to this weekend. If we can get through to Monday with him remaining the same or improving, better yet, then we will all take that final deep sigh of relief. But as I said, 24/7 world-class medical care surrounding him down there. We’re not going to miss anything that we would have caught up here.

Sean Conley医生:你说的很对。 这就是为什么我们都保持谨慎乐观和警惕, 因为当涉及到一个病人接受处于治疗过程的初期阶段,我们处于有点未知的领域。我们看这个周末。如果我们顺利度过到周一,他的病情保持不变或有所改善,那就更好,那么我们都会最后深深地松一口气。但正如我说的,全天候世界级的医疗服务在他那里就位。任何我们在这里能做的事情,到那里也能。

Speaker 10: Where is he physically going to be in the White House? What does that look like? How do you keep him safely quarantined?


Dr. Sean Conley: I wish I could go into that more, but I just can’t.

Sean Conley医生:我希望能透露多一些,但我不能。

Speaker 6: Doctor, why did you begin dexamethasone treatment?


Dr. Sean Conley: Yesterday, we talked about that, the several little temporary drops in his oxygen, and we had discussed that as a team and elected to start it early in case that persisted or worsened. The potential risks and side effects, we all discussed. We looked at the data and decided that we’d rather, push ahead on it then hold and risk the opposite.

Sean Conley医生:昨天,我们说到了这个,他的氧指标有几次一点点短暂下降,我们团队讨论过,然后选择提前开始,以防持续或恶化。潜在的风险和副作用,我们都讨论过了。我们看过数据,然后决定宁可提前点,而不是延迟而冒着相反的风险。

Speaker 6: What about CT scans and X-rays? What have you seen on his chest X-rays?


Speaker 11: [crosstalk] resume his campaigning?

记者:[交叉发言,无法听清] 会继续他的竞选活动吗?

Dr. Sean Conley: As far as travel goes, we’ll see.

Sean Conley医生:至于旅行,我们要拭目以待。

Speaker 12: Dr. Conley, on his mental status, can you talk about whether he has any neurological symptoms? Does he have any side effects from his medications, any fogginess from the virus?

Dr. Sean Conley: No. I think you’ve seen the videos and now the tweets and you’ll see him shortly. He’s back. Yeah.

Sean Conley医生:没有。我想你已经看到了视频,还有现在的推特,你会很快见到他。他恢复了。是的。

Speaker 6: What about his chest X-rays and CT scans?


Speaker 13: Have you seen any evidence of pneumonia or any inflammation in his lungs at all?


Dr. Sean Conley: We’ve done routine standard imaging, I’m just not at liberty to discuss.

Sean Conley医生:我们已经做了常规的标准成像,只是我不随便讨论。

Speaker 6: Doctor you were on board Air Force One.


Speaker 14: You’re actively not telling us what those lung scans showed, just to be clear.


Dr. Sean Conley: There are HIPAA rules and regulations that restrict me in sharing certain things for his safety and his own health and reasons.

Sean Conley医生:有HIPAA的规章制度,为了他的安全和以及他自己的健康和原因,我不能分享某些东西。

Speaker 15: You said his oxygen dropped several times. Can you share how many times he was on oxygen? You said you would check with the nursing staff yesterday.


Dr. Sean Conley: Sean Conley医生:Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Two episodes, like we talked about yesterday, and both times that he received a little bit of oxygen and recovered immediately.

Sean Conley医生:是的,是的,是的。两次发作,就像我们昨天谈到的, 这两次他都吸了一点点的氧气, 并立即恢复了。

Speaker 15: Was it required? Was that oxygen required?


Dr. Sean Conley: No, it wasn’t required. He wasn’t short of breath. He wasn’t looking ill. It was more of us trying to anticipate needs and see how he’d respond. In both cases, he came right off. He didn’t need it for very long at all.

Sean Conley医生:不,这不是必须的。他并没有喘不上气。他看起来也没有生病。更多的是我们想预测他的需求,同时看他会如何反应。在这两个情况下,他都马上就好了。他根本没需要很长时间。

Speaker 6: Doctor, you were on board Air Force One for multiple trips, are you at all concerned about your own exposure and exposure to the medical team?

记者:医生,你曾多次在 “空军一号 “上,你一点都不担心自己接触病毒,以及传染给医疗团队吗?

Dr. Sean Conley: I am concerned, but as the CDC says, there are caveats for essential employees that as long as you continue to test negative, you remain symptom-free and you keep a mask on when you’re out and about, which we do inside the hospital, 24/7, then you can carry on your duties.

Sean Conley医生:我担心的,但正如疾病预防控制中心所说的那样,对于重要的雇员有一些注意事项,只要你连续检测呈阴性,保持无症状,在外出时戴上口罩,我们在医院内每时每刻就是这样做的,那么你就可以履行你的职责了。

Dr. Sean Conley: Yeah?

Sean Conley医生:是的。

Speaker 10: We all know the president’s an impatient man, has he been itching to get out of here?


Dr. Sean Conley: The president has been a phenomenal patient during his stay here. He’s been working hand in glove with us and the team. Today it got to the point, he’s holding court with those of us around him, the whole team, going over all the specifics, the testing, what the future is, and we have been back and forth on what’s safe, what’s reasonable. He has never once pushed us to do anything that was beyond a safe and reasonable practice that we all first wanted.

Sean Conley医生:总统在这里期间一直是个了不起的病人。他一直在与我们和团队携手合作。今天到了关键时刻,他和我们这些身边的人,整个团队一起,讨论所有的具体细节,测试,未来如何,我们一直在来回讨论什么是安全的,什么是合理的。他从来没有强迫我们做超出我们所有人首要追求的安全合理的做法的任何事情。

Speaker 16: Was there anybody on this medical team, who recommended against the president leaving here and going back to the White House today?


Speaker 16: Or any White House staffers?


Dr. Sean Conley: No.

Sean Conley医生:没有。

Speaker 6: The president said, “Don’t be afraid of COVID.” Do you agree with that? Should we not be afraid?

记者:总统说,”不要惧怕COVID。” 你同意吗?我们应该不惧怕吗?

Dr. Sean Conley: I’m not going to get into what the president says.

Sean Conley医生:我不打算讨论总统说了什么。

Speaker 17: You said his heart, liver, and kidney function was normal or improving. Improving, does that mean that there were effects and is it all normal? What’s up with that?


Dr. Sean Conley: Yeah. It’s all normal right now. I would say he appeared to be a little dehydrated Friday. He was able to just drink and recover from that. Yeah, everything looks great.

Sean Conley医生:是的,现在一切正常。我想说的是,周五他似乎有点脱水。他能够只通过饮水恢复过来。是的,一切看起来都很好。

Speaker 18: Doctor, what would you like to see before he starts, resumes campaigning out in the country? What sort of things do you want to see?


Dr. Sean Conley: Yeah. The big first thing that we need to do is that there is no evidence of live virus still present that he could possibly transmit to others, and that’s what the infectious disease experts and some of our partners, military, civilian entities doing some of these advanced diagnostics just to see, as soon as we can identify that routinely. We talk about a 10-day window, CDC guidelines, but we’re checking him more routinely than just waiting 10 days. There’s a possibility it’s earlier than that. There’s a chance that it’s a little bit later, but we will know as soon as possible. Then we will look at him clinically. How are you feeling? How are you doing?

Sean Conley医生:是的,我们需要做的第一件大事是,确认没有证据表明活病毒仍然存在,由此他可能会传播给其他人。 这就是传染病专家和我们的一些合作伙伴, 军队,民间实体正在做先进的诊断,就是常规尽早确认;我们谈到CDC指南的10天窗口期, 但我们给他更多的日常检查, 而不是等待10天。有可能比那早些,也有机会稍晚些, 但我们会尽快知道。然后,我们会像在诊所那样给他看病。你感觉怎么样?你的情况如何?

Speaker 19: Why have you decided not to use, administer hydroxychloroquine to the president during his time here?


Dr. Sean Conley: I’m not going to go into all of our debates about specific medicines and therapies. There are dozens of therapies that we were made aware of that we considered, that we discussed and debated and looked at the existing literature on. This is the regimen we chose.

Sean Conley医生:我不打算涉及我们关于具体药物和疗法的所有辩论。我们知晓的,考虑过,讨论过,辩论过,看过现有的文献的,有几十种治疗方法。这是我们选择的治疗方案。

Speaker 19: [crosstalk] hydroxychloroquine.

记者:[交叉发言,无法听清] 羟氯喹。

Dr. Sean Conley: Yeah?

Sean Conley医生:请。

Speaker 20: On the symptoms of COVID, is he’s having some of the muscle aches? Has he lost his sense of taste and smell?


Dr. Sean Conley: No. We were just talking about that, what symptoms he has left. Even the slight cough that he used to have, he doesn’t really complain of at all. He hasn’t ever complained of a muscle aches. Yeah, he’s up and back to him old self, predominantly.

Sean Conley医生:没有。我们刚才还说到他还有什么遗留症状。即使是曾经有过轻微的咳嗽,他也根本没有抱怨过。他从来没有抱怨过肌肉痛。是啊,他基本恢复到了过去。

Speaker 10: You talked about next Monday, just to be clear, how long will he still be actively shedding the virus?


Dr. Sean Conley: This morning, I believe there was even an accounting by Dr. Fauci referencing a five day, the first five days of illness that people are most likely to shed live virus. There’s a reason there’s the 10 days. It’s because most people, by that time, after seven days, most folks don’t have culturable live virus. They put it to 10, just to give some extra space. It’s never 100% between everybody, so we’ll see. I’m not going to put a specific number, but we look at that window is all I will say.

Sean Conley医生:今天早上,我相信曾经有一个福西博士的报告提到了五天,人生病的前五天最容易排出活病毒。说10天也是有原因的,是因为大多数人,到了那个时候,七天后大多数人没有可培养的活病毒。他们把它放到10天,只是为了给一些额外的空间。人与人之间从来没有100%一致,所以我们将拭目以待。我不会拿出一个具体的数字, 但我想说的就是这个窗口期。

Speaker 21: Doctor, will the president be confined to his residence or will he be allowed to return to the Oval Office?


Dr. Sean Conley: We’re going to do whatever it takes for the president to safely conduct business, whatever it is he needs to do within the residence and White House.

Sean Conley医生:我们会做一切以便让总统安全地开展工作,按他所需,无论在住所和白宫内。

Speaker 22: Is he on blood thinners? Also, has he been using, have you been giving him Tylenol, Advil, anything to bring his fever down?


Dr. Sean Conley: Oh, that came up. I would like to say, he has not been on any fever-reducing medications for over 72 hours.

Sean Conley医生:哦,说到这个,我想说的是,他已经超过72小时没有服用任何退烧药了。

Speaker 22: But what about the blood thinners?


Dr. Sean Conley: Yeah. He’s on a routine regimen of COVID therapy. I’m not going to go into specifics as to what he is and is not on, but …

Sean Conley医生:是的,他在接受常规的COVID治疗。我不会去到具体细节 关于他是在服用什么,没服用什么 … …

Speaker 23: You said, I’m going to read this here, that the president had a mild cough, some nasal congestion and fatigue on Thursday. Now back to my colleague, John Jacobs question, the reason knowing when the president’s last negative test is important for that reason, your words, what you said, and also for the contract tracing, but would you’ve recommended that given those symptoms that he go, that the president go to that Bedminster fundraiser?

记者:你说过,我来念这个,总统在周四有轻微的咳嗽,一些鼻塞和疲劳。现在回到我的同事John Jacobs的问题,知道总统最后一次检测结果为阴性的原因是很重要的,你的话,你说过的话,也是为了感染跟踪,但鉴于他的这些症状,你会建议让总统去参加贝明斯特的筹款活动吗?

Dr. Sean Conley: It’s not up to me, necessarily, the president’s schedule, but I would say that it wasn’t until after he returned that we really sat down, then knowing the news of the day that we really dove into, how are you feeling? What’s going on?

Sean Conley医生:这不是我说了算,是总统的日程安排,但是我想说,直到他回来之后,我们才真正的坐下来,然后知道了那天的新闻,我们才真正的深入到,你感觉怎么样?发生了什么事情?

Speaker 23: But how was that safe given that those were the symptoms he was experiencing on Thursday?


Dr. Sean Conley: I’m not going to get into operations.

Sean Conley医生:我不打算谈及操作层面。

Speaker 6: Doctor, one last time, when was his last negative test and what was his viral load?


Dr. Sean Conley: I know everyone wants that.

Sean Conley医生:我知道每个人都想知道这个。

Speaker 6: We’ve been exposed. [crosstalk]


Dr. Sean Conley: Yeah. I don’t have his viral load. Those are some of the diagnostics that we’re sending out that will really tell us when it’s safe for him to get back out and around people.

Sean Conley医生:是的,我不知道他的病毒载量。 我们正在公布的某些诊断结果将会真实地告诉我们,什么时候让他回去和接触人是安全的。

Speaker 6: You’ve never had his viral load?


Speaker 24: Why is it [crosstalk] say when the last negative test was?

记者:[交叉发言,无法听清] 他最后一次测试呈阴性是什么时候?

Speaker 25: Did he have any abnormal tests? Were any of his lab tests abnormal?


Dr. Sean Conley: Again, HIPAA kind of precludes me from going into too much depth on things that I’m not at liberty or he doesn’t wish to be discussed. At some future point, maybe. But today, I’m sorry. I think that’s it. Yeah.

Sean Conley医生:再说一次,HIPAA不允许我在一些事上太过深入,我不能随心所欲或他不愿意被讨论。也许在未来的某个时点。但今天,我很抱歉。我想就这样了。

Speaker 26: Thank you, guys, so much.


Dr. Sean Conley: Thank you.

Sean Conley医生:谢谢。

Speaker 26: Thank you.





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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people




“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” 【Isaiah 40:31】 10月 07日