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On Oct 1st, the anniversary of the Communist Party’s takeover of the ancient country of China, supporters of the Whistleblower Movement in the New Federal State of China successfully mobilized a global demonstration. It started at 8 am in New Zealand, then fellows in Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain, UK, Canada, and the USA kicked it off one after another and finished it amazingly in Taiwan.



The demonstration had two demands:
First one is to expose the truth of Covid-19. “Time is running out for the world to do what’s right” as Dr. Limeng Yan warned us back in July. The CCP virus did not originate from nature but is a military lab-made biological weapon. It was designed to take down the USA as part of Secretary Xi’s grand strategy for global domination. If what Dr. Yan said is not true, then one must question the CCP’s motive for arresting her mother on Oct 3rd.



To liberate all the communist victims such as Dr. Yan’s mother, the other demand of the demonstration is to implement the rule of law in China, which in turn would lead to the immediate collapse of Xi Jinping’s brutal and barbarous regime.


Whilst on the subject of family members, we cannot ignore Miles Guo’s success in his second pop single “Dear Mama, I am ending the CCP”. Anybody listening to this song would be transported to an emotional place, where our love for our mothers are never-ending and our commitment manifests into “taking down the CCP”.



As Chinese people, our existence is an enculturation of a long history, not of a 70-year disastrous communist period. Communist regimes are always misanthropic and malevolent. They ground their rule solely on lies and the suppression of truth. Understandably, seeking the truth is more than human instinct. It contextualizes our moral principles.



However, we have seen many people who have suffered from communist ideology who still live in its shadows where cynicism and nihilism are lingering. For this reason, Miles Guo proposed “The Way to Righteousness” as an alternative for post-communist China. It includes fundamental moral principles such as self-respect, seeking truth, kindness and toughness and respect for nature, etc. Furthermore, “The Way to Righteousness” prospects the uniting of all the liberalized people who defend their freedom of religious beliefs.



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10月 06日, 2020