Military deployed to Hebei to battle coronavirus

On Feb 1, Chinese WeChat news reports the deployment of PLA Anti-Chemical troop to Wuhan to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

The epidemic gives the Chinese government justifications to impose martial law as the next step. It remains to be seen how the situation evolves.

But the deployment of troops is definitely not to help the victims of the coronavirus but to tighten control, destroy epidemic evidence and oust political opponents.

Here is translation:

Triumphant news

  1. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Anti-Chemical Corps went to the front line in Wuhan;

2. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Medical Unit has taken over the public hospitals in Hubei’s key epidemic areas;

3. The only nuclear biochemical protection unit in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army — A large number of retired soldiers, from the nuclear test base’s anti-chemical regiment, have participated in epidemic prevention and control in various places. They are equipped with extensive professional knowledge, practical experience, and perseverance in dedication.

4. The Central Organization Department has decided to adjust and eliminate the unfavorable officials and mediocre officials in a timely manner at any time.

Our country has gone to war against viruses with a stance of war!

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has the absolute advantages and equipment for systematic and information-based operations. History shows that it is a group of invincible heroes.

The heroes have launched attacks, they are determined to win,
Kill monsters and gain merits!

The Chinese Communist Party please rest assured! You have trained the soldiers, so you know them the best. Please wait for good news from the frontline!

The people of the country must not be afraid. The soldiers are your children, so you know them the best. As long as you stay at home, it will be time to clean up the battlefield before long!

The good news is just around the corner,
Let history witness that miracles do exist!
2020.2.1 (the seventh day of the first month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar)

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Feb. 01, 2020