Odd Quarantine Arrangements: Local Students Asked to ‘Voluntarily’ Vacate their Rooms for Others to be Quarantined

Earlier January 29, “Stand Up HKUer” received a letter which notified them that students from the mainland are gradually returning to their dormitories.

However, the university only asked local students to “voluntarily” vacate their dormitories, to provide space for those who have just returned from the mainland, as they had to be quarantined.

In the afternoon, the university announced that all non-local students returning from the mainland after 3pm today would be placed in a temporary residence, outside of the campus. This included all university-managed dormitories (except St. John’s College and Matteo Ricci) and Jockey Club Student Village III. However, those who have returned to their dormitories before 3pm did not have to be quarantined.

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 01, 2020