Lottery Award: Eligible to Purchase 6 Masks

According to the iXiamen website hosted by Xiamen Government, those who have household registration in Xiamen or pay social security in Xiamen have the opportunity to purchase masks via lottery drawing system, while the lottery winners are qualified to buy 6 masks only.

Booking Registration Rules

  1. The registration system will be officially opened at 14:00 on January 31 for those who have household registration in Xiamen or pay social security in Xiamen.
  2. Subscribe to the “iXiamen” WeChat official account and enter the “Mask Booking Registration” system for booking registration. The registration system is open 24/7 (except for the data maintenance period of 22:00-24:00 every day). Everyone needs to register only once, if there are any changes of registration, the last registration shall prevail.
  3. Lottery and arrangements of on-site purchase. Under the supervision of Xiamen Lujiang Notary Public Office, the first round of lottery drawing will be held for eligible persons at 9:00 on Feb.1. The winner will be notified by SMS and can purchase masks at 13:00-22:00 on Feb. 1 and 8:00-22:00 on Feb. 2. It’s not necessary for those who failed to win the lottery to book again can participate in the subsequent lottery drawing directly. From Feb. 2, if the supply of masks is guaranteed, a lottery drawing will be conducted for eligible persons at 9:00 every day, under the supervision of Xiamen Lujiang Notary Public Office. The winners can purchase masks at 8:00-22:00 the next day.
  4. In order to reduce the risk of cross-infection caused by queuing at outlets, please strictly follow the purchase time of SMS notification and bring the original ID card and SMS notification to the registered Xia Shang outlets to purchase.
  5. Anyone who is found to have maliciously orders or attack the website will be disqualified from lottery drawing; those violators will be investigated and dealt with by the Public Security Organ.

Source: iXiamen

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