Internal notice leaked: CCP blocks journalists from covering on epidemic situation

According to WeChat group messages provided by some brothers-in-arms, the CCP issued such internal notice to prevent journalists from covering on the epidemic situation.


  1. When every village and community discovers overseas media to interview, they have to report to the leaders in charge of townships and offices at the first time, who will communicate with the Propaganda Department of Municipal Party Committee in a unified way.
  2. The Propaganda Department of Municipal Party Committee, in conjunction with the Foreign Affairs Office, the Taiwan Affairs Office, the Public Security Traffic Police, the Exit and Entry Department of Public Security and other authorities must rush to the scene to contact with overseas reporters and check their legal identities and press credentials.
  3. It is illegal to interview without the consent of the interviewee. Do not accept any interview questions about the epidemic situation without the relevant verification ID and press credentials of journalists;
  4. Every village and community may send staffs of the two committees and securities to the scene at first to record press credentials and vehicles information. They can use legitimate excuses, such as outsiders are not allowed to enter into the village and community, etc. to dissuade the journalists from interviewing, so as to shorten the time of on-site disposal and better complete evidence obtaining on-the-spot.
  5. Avoid detention of journalists, avoid physical conflict, and prevent the situation from escalating and causing hype.
  6. The authorities of interviewed territories must arrange specially-assigned persons to stalk the journalists, and wait for the Propaganda Department to intervene.
  7. Relevant requirements shall be implemented in accordance with the Bao Wai Xuan Wen(保外宣文)【2018】Circular 3, which was reprinted and issued to all townships at a dispatch meeting held by the Propaganda Department in October 2018.
  8. It is also necessary to report to the Propaganda Department immediately if it’s found that the domestic news media interviews (excluding the interview with Zhuo Zhou Radio & TV Station).


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