See the evil trick of Devil Wang Qishan from the event of closing the city!

Since the closure of the city, the world has been called:

First, they want military control of everything. Only the coronavirus’s contagion, spread and lethality are the best excuses. This made it logical for Hong Kong to be successfully controlled. No one can apply for a street parade for one month. Wow, 30 days! Take a look at this game of CCP, they bet on the safety of people around the world. This kind of evil trick is only what the CCP can think of and do!

Second, today’s China has entered an abyss of great pain. Villages are isolated and every family can’t go out. The commercial streets and the restaurants are all closed. China is no longer capable of fulfilling the trade deal agreement, the 30-day agreement may not come to fruition…! Kind-hearted Uncle Sam, please open it up and don’t hold us anymore … we are the most pitiful people in the world now!

Devil Wang Qishan, oh Devil Wang Qishan, you come up with such a sinister move, you are not far from the death!

The next days were the peak of the second wave of transmission. Now, it is not too much to add two zeros on the published data. Their real purpose was obvious when they were so demonic and devilish.

  1. The closure of the city in the Mainland is just a beginning, they intend to reach the goal of blocking Hong Kong eventually. You see, it has been successfully issued that the street parade was banned for 30 days in Hong Kong.
  2. Take advantage of the large number of Chinese tourists to travel to Europe and the United States during the Chinese Lunar New Year to spread the coronavirus to Western society. Threatening the whole world, every Chinese person may be a carrier of the virus, don’t approach me!
  3. After the first phase of the trade agreement is signed, you will start to implement it in 30 days. Dear Uncle Sam, we can’t do it. Give us grace again or cancel it directly…!
  4. The real purpose may be to circulate virtual currency domestically, the first step to start a closed country, and military control throughout China!
  5. Mass killings of Chinese people amounted to tens of millions, hundreds of millions or even more. The elimination of the old, the weak, the ill and the disabled, the sitting-on-welfare population who do not create values, exempt the social and the economic burden on the CCP. Survival of the young and strong population, continue to create values for the CCP.

In short, take advantage of the widespread of coronaviruses to mass kill Chinese people in order to eliminate half or even more of the population, thereby resolving all the crises of rule facing the CCP as an evil regime.

Oh, Devil Wang Qishan has an ax to grind…! You must die a terrible death! 

Author: GM70

Translated by Wenge

The above article represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with the GNews.

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