The Chinese Nation is about to Face Unprecedented Calamity: The Coronavirus is More Lethal Than Most People May Think

I believe most people around the world, even our warrior friends, have underestimated the Coronavirus. As far as I know, the consequence of the spreading of this Coronavirus will be unprecedented.

  1. The Coronavirus has really high death rate.
    According to the data released by Tencent (retracted not long after it’s published), the actual number is much higher than the ones reported by the CCP. We can see from the chart there were about 15000 infected, 2500 dead and only 49 people cured in China. Although it shows that there are 49 cured, they are only about 3% of the total number of people infected. We can make the following conclusion, the Coronavirus is very dangerous and the death rate is very significant!
  2. The total number of infected people is much high than what the Chinese officials reported.
    Let’s have a look at the official number released by the Chinese government. They reported 1400 cases including cases in Nepal(A rare destination for Chinese tourists). There were a lot of Wuhan tourists traveling around the world since December 8th, the beginning of this epidemic. Wuhan is also a city with many universities, students at those universities already went home before the Chinese government admitted the virus.

After the government’s announcement, about 5 million people left the city before the city’s closure. During the spring festival season, it is increasingly difficult to prevent the virus from spreading across the country.

  1. The Coronavirus is highly infectious, and it can spread through the air.
    It is really hard for the virus to spread through the air, including the Coronavirus, but there is a lot of smog in China. The virus travels with the smog with the wind, this will cause the spread of the virus across the country.
  2. It is unusual for CCP not sending troops to maintain social stability.
    The CCP sent troops during the 1998 flood and the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Why didn’t they send the troops this year. At the moment, the CCP regime is very unstable. I guess they have to keep all the soldiers alive to keep their regime for any possible future social unrest. The Wuhan virus is very infectious and it can spread through the air. With a high death rate, and the incapability of the CCP government. It is hard to know how many people will die because of this Coronavirus. I hope that everyone can see great importance in it and have a safe year!

Author: 眼镜小哥(文鹰)
Translate: GM61

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Jan. 27, 2020