10.8 Billion Or 1.8 Billion Masks?

The annual production volume of the various masks is 10.8 billion, among which 880 million belong to the domestic category, and 970 million are for medical usage.  We have two enterprises that produce medical protection gowns with European, and American standards.  However, onsite production is not very large, and could produce 7 to 8 thousand pieces.  So today I visited the onsite production at Xian Tao City.  I went there this afternoon to do my job.  I then decided to move these two enterprises, and merge them with other 14 enterprises to expand their production capacity, so that within three days, we could increase the production volume to 12,000 pieces.  In other words, we are going to increase the production volume of the protection gown to 12,000 pieces.  And within 10 days, the production volume would be increased to 30,000 pieces.  In order to realize this goal, we had to implement three measures, and we had decided… Ah, first allow me to correct the mask’s production volume mentioned a while ago, there’s some discrepancy on the figures given, just a careless mistake, so it’s not 10.8 billion, but 1.8 billion.  I hereby correct the figure.

Journalist: What are the current prevention and control methods used in order to control the epidemic?

Wang Xiaodong: Thank you for this reporter’s question.  Before answering your question, I still have to correct the mistake that I made earlier.  Let me correct it once for all, with respect to the masks’ production in our Province, the annual production capacity of the various types of masks is 1.08 million, not over 100 million.  It’s million, not billion, I used the wrong unit.  And among which 88,000 are for domestic usage, and 97,000 are for medical usage.  I’m sorry.  Allow me to correct this one first.

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Jan. 27, 2020