Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 01/26/2020

By GM62

Three years ago, Miles started the Exposè Revolution. Today, at the three year anniversary of the movement, Miles took some time to review how far we have gone. He thanked many people of their contribution, including his staff and families, as well as those within the CCP who worked with Miles. Miles also apologized to many people for the inconveniences and troubles that the Exposè Revolution has caused them.

Miles explained his outlook for 2020: he expects all US companies to pull out of China starting in April and the whole process will take about 10 months. After April, he expects the war against the CCP to be finished around November or October. At that time, he also expects the complete collapse of the CNY and HKD, coupled with the humanitarian crisis within China. At the end, however, Miles expects the CCP to be defeated and rule of law to return to China.

Miles said that there are three characteristics accompanying all major virus outbreaks:

  1. The political and economical environment is at a breaking point (think dictatorship and economic depression)
  2. The free flow of information is seriously curbed such that the people are essentially brainwashed.
  3. The authorities actively try to cover up the outbreak which only resulted in more casualties.

Miles said that all three of these are present today in China. He also explained why the CCP has tried so hard to control the WHO: to save their own credibility and keep covering up the outbreak. Miles said that all of this covering up by the CCP will inevitably result in a humanitarian crisis and the death of millions of people.

Miles said that at a WHO meeting yesterday, the CCP representatives have turned down all foreign assistance out of fears of the world might find out the truth behind the virus outbreak.

Despite the CCP’s efforts to cover it up, Russian, NK, the US, and many countries have decided to evacuate their consulate and citizens. Miles also said that the coronavirus is a man-made virus by the CCP and the virus outbreak is just an extension of the political infighting within the CCP at the cost of millions of innocent lives.

Miles said that the financial market has reacted to the outbreak and this time the CCP might not be able to cover it up anymore.

Offshore trading of the USD.HKD pair surpassed 9 for the first time, signaling the coming collapse of the CCP’s fake economy.

The US authority has been aware of the virus outbreak since before Christmas.

Miles compared today’s CCP to yesterday’s Nazi and found striking similarities between the two.

He concluded the video with a prayer and again confirmed his belief that the CCP will 100% be defeated in 2020.

Please follow GTV for Miles Guo’s Livestream: https://livestream.com/accounts/27235681/events/8197481/videos/201210957

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1 year ago

You had translation mistake in the second paragraph. Miles Guo meant the April in 2019, not the April in 2020, which meant that U.S. already took action in pulling out some companies. Regarding this, you may ask Miles to check his real words. Thanks.



Jan. 27, 2020