China under the plague

1.Now, the surgeon at this hospital — the hospital of ethnic Chinese medicine in Lichuan , Hubei province — don’t even have masks. I just called Dr. Xu, there are only about 10 masks in the hospital, they are in urgent need of masks, could someone  first send some masks to them?

2.What is this government doing?The Red Cross does not provide its own supplies, private donations to the hospital to intercept, but also charge service fees.I’m going to get mad at the Red Cross and hide from them.

3.When the first batch of medical supplies, 300 sets of protective suits, arrived in wuhan, the wuhan Red Cross asked donors to pay a service fee of 6-8% or else refuse. There is no receipt for payment. We have not responded to any complaints.

In addition to surgical masks, there are also a large number of N95 masks stored in the wuhan Red Cross society. Since donors have donated too many materials, they cannot afford to pay an extra 6-8% handling charge, so the wuhan Red Cross society will not send the masks to hospitals.

4.Chinese: please be kind to your fellow hubei people.

Please find the hotels of Wuhan university alumni enterprise DongCheng international group and accept guests from Hubei who are unable to return to the province and have nowhere to go:

My residence,Mrs Page,Jincheng,Yicheng,Yishang plus,Yishang, Attitude front,Boman,Yinmo,  Convenient city, Fine way.

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Reporting:Bai Ye

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