Are Hong Kong virus quarantine centers “Bastille” for protesters?

Compare to the mainland government’s lack of action to contain the Wuhan epidemic, the Hong Kong government is overly proactive to set up quarantine zones and centers in a city with only eight confirmed cases as of Sunday.

Miles Guo warned many times that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would use Wuhan coronavirus to “invade” Hong Kong. So, it is possible that the CCP will turn quarantine centers into “Bastille” to torture and murder protesters.

The Chinese government’s actions are self-contradictory. On one hand, the mainland China is downplaying the severity of the epidemic without telling people the true number of infections or fatalities. On the other hand, the Hong Kong government is taking actions above and beyond people’s expectations in terms of building quarantine zones. If the virus is not as contagious as the Chinse government has claimed, why did the Hong Kong government overreact just to lock people up in the name of quarantine?

It has been suspected that the Wuhan viral epidemic is “customized” for Hong Kong by the Chinese kleptocrats as an excuse to impose martial law (lockdown) and purge pro-democracy activists in this international financial hub.

Protesters threw petrol bombs on Sunday night at a would-be temporary quarantine zone as they disagreed with the Hong Kong government’s choice of location. It is a brand new re-purposed low-income housing building in a crowded neighborhood close to a school. The Hong Kong people prefers quarantine center in an isolated area.

The seven-month-long pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong has escalated the tension between many Hong Kong residents and the Chinese authoritarian government who has been eroding Hong Kong’s freedom and autonomy. A PLA (People’s Liberation Army) general said in a speech (at around 42 minutes) that two-thirds of the Hongkongers should be purged as they are disobedient to the CCP.

Suspicion #1: Hong Kong government is busy building multiple quarantine centers while delaying decisions to deny Wuhan residents’ entry into Hong Kong

Despite petitions from Hong Kong residents to prohibit Wuhan residents from coming into Hong Kong, the government took almost no preventive measures but only focuses on building quarantine centers.

Only after the widespread of the coronavirus to almost all provinces in China and ten countries in the world, Hong Kong government finally made a decision late on Sunday to bar from entering Hong Kong all Hubei residents and those who had visited the Chinese province within 14 days due to the viral outbreak in China.

This video shows a quarantine center in an isolated area:

Chinese Mouthpiece South China Morning Post shows Hong Kong’s coronavirus quarantines in a remote area in this video. This is NOT the quarantine center torched by protesters.

Suspicion #2: build a quarantine center in a crowded neighborhood

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Jan. 27, 2020