Early warning signs from Henan

From the screenshot of Henan official Weibo on 23 Jan, the Henan Province announced that all on-ground transportations between Zhengzhou and Wuhan had been suspended since December.

The Zhengzhou Transportations Group had procured stocks of various medical supplies, such as clinical thermometers, 84 disinfectants, disinfectant sprays and masks, etc. Those items were distributed to every terminal.

Since 22 January, health checkpoints started operation at every terminal to measure passengers’ body temperature. All on-ground transportations between Zhengzhou and Wuhan have been suspended since December.

Netizens suspected that the Henan Province government had been aware of the new Coronavirus outbreak and its seriousness since December last year, and thus implemented such measures.

This strongly indicates that the governments of Hubei Province, Henan Province and Wuhan had compromised the transparency of virus-related information to the public, undermining the efficiency of virus control measures.

Source: LIHKG

Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 26, 2020