Jiangxi: The Authorities of Jiangxi Province continue to conceal the epidemic situation

By Wen Liu/AWAC/Little Trumpet

At the beginning of the 2020 Lunar New Year, people should have been celebrating the Spring Festival, however, the Wuhan epidemic is getting worse. The government concealing the truth and telling the lies, the people of the entire state is suffering all kinds of pain. The once a year family reunion has become discrimination and hatred, people cannot return to their home, the family can not be reunited, it is such a heavy feeling.

I’m a native of Jiangxi. I have strong doubts about the outbreak data announced by Jiangxi Health Care Committee. Among the confirmed cases released by the government: 4 cases in Fuzhou City, 3 cases in Nanchang City, 2 cases in Jiujiang City, 2 cases in Ganzhou City, 2 cases in Shangrao City and Jingdezhen City 1 case, Pingxiang City 1 case, Xinyu City 1 case, Yichun City 1 case, Ji’an City 1 case. I don’t know the specific situation in other cities, but the information I have received does not match the official data of Nanchang City. According to the information which I have collected, there were at least 5 diagnosed cases in Nanchang City, and there must be more than that! Because the number of returnees from Wuhan to Maqiu town of Nanchang High-Tech District is staggering. There’s a village that has been on lockdown for quarantine. The actual situation is very serious, but until now there has been no publicity and disclosure at all!

Thus I firmly believe that as for the Jiangxi epidemic, the government is still concealing the truth under such a serious situation. As a “citizen” with a conscience, I struck by the government’s underreporting and falsehood, I lost the basic trust in the Chinese Communist Party! Now, masks are out of stock anywhere, and the government is not distributing the mask. What has the government done?  They don’t even care about their people!

Here’s the truth from the screenshot of WeChat’s moment (Pictures has no trace of editing or PS)

Do you believe so-called live data updated by the government?

Picture 1

My husband has got the inside information through the Public Security. Nanchang Public Security is looking for two people. Today there were two patients who came to the hospital due to fever. The doctor told them they will be quarantined if coronavirus is diagnosed. Two people were scared and run away from the hospital. But at that time the result haven’t come out yet. Later, the result showed it is the coronavirus, it has been confirmed.  The hospital has called Police, and the police are searching for them now. These two people are from Xinjian prefectures. So everyone must remember to wear the mask when you go out and tell it to the people around you.

This news is spread over WeChat  now

Two idiots

Yes, they hurt self and others

Picture 2

A bit worry

There were 2000 returnees from Wuhan to Maqiu town

It is a bit exaggerated,before, there were 2000 went to Wuhan for work, but not saying all of them were returned, many of them have been stopped in Wuhan

I know people from Maqiu

It is worse than you thought

Few days ago, he came to Xinyu, he didn’t go Wuhan, his relatives told him to find a place in Xinyu to stay

The Wedding Car I have called for my relatives are from Maqiu

I only know this the day before yesterday and I called the hotel and wedding company to delay the wedding, I only had everything done by this morning

Picture 3

Maqiu Houxi zhangjia village has been blocked (Everyone please pay attention)

Maqiu Houxi zhangjia village has been blocked (Everyone please pay attention)

OMG, this is real

Many Maqiu people are running Soup restaurant in Wuhan and sell meat


Take care of yourself

Just like I said

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The Chinese Communist Party is keeping concealing while coercing and fooling the Chinese to believe the ‘official announcements’



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