Inept Regime Unconcerned About Epidemic – Hongkongers Must Save Ourselves

Hong Kong – In light of the current severe Wuhan pneumonia outbreak in Hong Kong, on Jan. 24, Citizens’ Press Conference called on the people of Hong Kong to help themselves.

The Wuhan pneumonia epidemic has broken out of control, and the Communist Party’s edict to “see no evil, hear no evil” has caused a crisis of public health. Meanwhile, the HKSAR seems to have learnt no lesson at all from SARS in 2003, still derelict and unwilling to control the spread of the epidemic, putting the lives of every Hongkonger at risk. When the regime that rules us cares not enough even to protect our lives, Hongkongers must save ourselves. We must take up infection prevention measures to protect ourselves and those around us.

We hereby demand the HKSAR regime to immediately implement the following:

1. Enforce border controls for all arrivals from China and all arrivals who present symptoms of the Wuhan pneumonia
2. Suspend classes for all schools until the epidemic subsides
3. Ensure ample supplies of face masks in reserve
4. Ensure ample supplies of proper protective equipment for Hong Kong’s medical personnel
5. Provide daily reports on the latest figures of the epidemic to the public

This Lunar New Year, the Citizens’ Press Conference urges all Hongkongers to stay away from China, and to meticulously take care in your hygiene, wear face masks, and wash your hands regularly. May we wish good health to all Hongkongers.

Source: Citizens’ Press Conference

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