BREAKING: Insider warned”Beijing and Shanghai will be next” after Wuhan’s lockdown

An anonymous insider within the CCP regime has sent Gnews the latest update on the coronavirus epidemics on the evening of the 24th:

1. The Armed Police are being deployed and are ready to enforce the martial law in Beijing at anytime.

2. Within the week, the epidemics in Shanghai will be out of control. Shanghai Jinshan District Public Health Center will be the concentrated place for pneumonia patients from Wuhan.

3. All hospitals in Wuhan are fully occupied and can no longer accept new patients. Thousands of patients have to be rejected every day.

4.The respiratory medicine staff of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital were all infected, and the orthopedic surgeons have to fill in these positions.

5. Wuhan should have been locked down on the 12th, but the Hubei Provincial Government decided to postpone. By the 18th, the epidemic was out of control. When the city was closed on the 22nd, 1.5 million people have traveled out of Wuhan to all parts of the country. In addition, 1 million college students have left Wuhan to return home for the Chinese New Year from 9th to 15th.

6. Based on the 14-day longest incubation period for the Wuhan coronavirus, the above 2.5 million people can trigger the outbreaks across the country before February 5th, .

Disclaimers: the anonymous source provider is solely responsible for the authenticity of this news, Gnews makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness or accuracy of opinions/information for this news.

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