Living hell: Wuhan medical staff and system at brink of collapse fighting coronavirus

There have been disturbing images and videos coming from ground-zero of fighting novel coronavirus in Wuhan area.


  • Hospitals were seen filled with patients. Some were left to die on the floor (with video evidence)
  • Medical staffs were pleading for medical supplies on social media (WeChat). The communist leaders of the hospital were nowhere to be found at ground zero. It is almost like a living hell in Wuhan hospitals.
  • There were also “rumors” saying that WeChat (the Chinese version of Facebook) was being blocked in Wuhan to stop the disturbing news from spreading.
  • Another “rumor” coming from medical staff in Wuhan is that there could be at least 100K infected cases.
  • A medical staff was complaining on social media that hospitals were not accepting new patients like her husband. Many were left untreated at home. The government officials asked the hospitals to reject patients, deny viral tests, refuse diagnosis. They even asked the medical staff to sign a confidentiality agreement (not to disclose the severity of the outbreak).

Some said that the person who sent this Weibo post showing dead bodies lying on the hospital floor was detained by the police. She is no longer updating her Weibo.

The Weibo post says:

Three bodies have been lying here for the whole morning. There was nobody taking care of them. The mayor’s hotline is always busy. The calls can never get through! Who can come save these patients? Who can come save these medical staff?

Here is the video in the Weibo post:

of the hospital

The same person who sent the video above, also sent this message in another post:

I beg you all to help the people in Wuhan! I am a nurse and my husband was infected (with the deadly coronavirus). The media report is far from the truth!!

My husband has been having fever for eight days without getting better. CT scan showed lung infections. In the past eight days, I mobilized all the resources and connections I have in all medical facilities in Wuhan, but still could not get my husband admitted into a hospital!

Government officials asked the hospitals to reject patients, deny viral tests, refuse diagnosis!! They even asked the medical staff to sign a confidentiality agreement!

I have been emotionally burdened in the last eight days. Rejected by the hospitals and too afraid to go back home, I had been running around between hospitals without getting (my husband) admitted or diagnosed.

I am so desperate that I wonder if I can sustain any longer myself! We have been going from hospitals to hospitals without getting a hospital bed. The medical staff have been working overtime but they are still shorthanded. Now (my husband) finally got into an emergency care facility but still without a hospital bed.

The ambulances (120 is the Chinese emergency number) are still sending patients over (to the hospitals). Both infected and uninfected are all coming to the same designated hospitals, so all will be infected, and all will die if it keeps going like this!!!!

Doctors and nurses in despair

In this video, a doctor in Wuhan, who wanted to spend Chinese New Year with his family, had an emotional breakdown while calling his manager. The managers seemed to be staying away from hospitals leaving the doctors and nurses emotionally and physically strained.
A female hospital staff was having an emotional breakdown. She says: “I cannot take it anymore!”

The notice on the hospital door says: Emergency Room doctors were infected. The clinic is closed for quarantine.

This WeChat post says: We cannot take it anymore! The hospital is filled with patients all the time, 24 hours a day. Patients were kneeling on the floor begging us to save them. But we don’t have the medicines to fight this virus but our own immune systems. We already ran out of medical protective gear including medical protective suits, masks, hats, gloves, shoe covers, face covers, and eye-protective covers.

The locations says: the Number Five Hospital of Wuhan

A collapsed patient lying on the hospital floor with money scattered around him. Nobody was helping him.

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Jan. 24, 2020