Doctor perished fighting “Wuhan pneumonia”

There have been many reports of exhausted doctors and nurses at ground zero fighting the “Wuhan pneumonia”. Some were seen in videos suffering from emotional breakdowns due to the mounting pressure. In addition to the deadly disease, they are also facing physical exhaustion and shortages of medical supplies.

A farewell letter to the first fallen doctor on the battlefield fighting the novel coronavirus went viral on Chinese social media

Deepest condolences for our closest colleagues

On January 23, 2020,

Our closest colleague, Dr. Jiang Jijun, Department of Infectious Diseases, Taizhou People’s Hospital,

He went to “fever” clinic after his regular shift,

Cardiac arrest due to problem in breathing,

Falling on the job he loved,

All the efforts from all the staff in the hospital could not stop him from leaving us.

He died unfortunately at 15:00 on the same day!

he’s gone,

He was busy on the battlefield to prevent and control the new coronavirus epidemic

Vaguely visible,

The image of him fighting various infectious diseases

As if still in front of me,

He smiled to defeat bird flu, influenza A, and tuberculosis

Still there.

But he left.

Leaving his sacred duty to save lives,

Leaving the patient who trusted him,

Leaving the medical team he has worked with for many years,

Leaving elderly parents, wiping wives and beloved daughters.

Although we know

Winter is over,

Not every life shines;

Although we know

the mortality of life,

But we still don’t want to believe it, we can’t accept it,

Just lost an excellent doctor and comrade in arms

We are heartbroken, we are so sad,

And extend my most sincere condolences to the family!

Right now,

The sky is overcast for him, and the wind is mourning for him,

The air freezes for him, the time stops for him,

Colleagues are choked for him!

May the perished rest in peace! May the living treasure every moment!

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Jan. 24, 2020