[Wuhan Virus] Authorities conceal illness leading to patients’ death


A woman said that her brother had been in good health before, and suddenly felt unwell at the end of last year. He was treated in the hospital but had no effect and died on January 7.

But officials refused to be diagnosed with pneumonitis caused by a new coronavirus on the grounds that he did not have a fever, and did not include in death statistics. In fact, as shown in the government document, many cases do not have a fever. Now her niece couple is also infected with pneumonia, but the large hospital in Wuhan is overcrowded and refuses to accept treatment, asking them to isolate themselves. Then her niece couple went to the clinic to get an injection and prescribe medicine, which was also overcrowded.

They have to wait from the morning and until 1 noon to get an injection. Even worse is that her niece’s husband is no longer able to walk on his own. They are more and more dangerous every day, and she is anxious about they maybe died. Her niece couple subsequently went to Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital, one of specifically targeting the new coronavirus, to seek treatment. But the hospital said that they only accepted cases confirmed by other hospitals, which formed a cycle of mutual shirk. This woman was concerned about the danger of his family members, so she posted on overseas social media to call for attention. As a result, the police came to ask to delete the post.

She explained that she has no other meaning, just want her family member to be hospitalized, to be treated, to be alive. She doesn’t want to lose loved ones anymore, and they themselves are the source of infection. At last, she said that they had called the Mayor’s Hotline in Wuhan for help, and so far there was no result. If they could no longer be treated in the hospital, they would write the family situation in a sign and hang it on the street to defend their rights.


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Jan. 24, 2020