[Wuhan Virus] Ban Doctors From Talking about the Coronavirus

VOG Translation Team

A WeChat message shows that a hospital’s principal office issued an announcement to mute all doctors on the virus topic.


(Important announcement): all colleagues, in accordance with requests from all levels of government on controlling the outbreak of new coronavirus virus, starting from today, all medical staffs are forbidden to discuss the current progress of the outbreak, treatment and control of the virus with families and friends, through face to face communications, telephones, MSM, WeChat and emails at any public or private places. If discovered, the hospital will work with the police in accordance with “The People’s Republic Pestilence Prevention Law” to bring legal accountability to the responsible party. All staffs please maintain work ethics and strictly follow the order above. (The Principal’s Office)

At the same time, news shows that the Chinese Communist Party had arrested eight people who ‘talked about the coronavirus online without the authority’s approval!’ on Jan 1.

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Jan. 23, 2020