【subtitle】Lockdown or Abandon? Wuhan medical workers Emotional breakdown

The following video shows the medical workers in Wuhan are crying and Emotional breakdown, The Chinese Communist Party lockdown Wuhan city, but all the pressure was on every ordinary workers in Wuhan.

Medical workers in the video are talking to the hospital leaders, who are asking them to increase their working hours.

Doctor Crying: “what work did you do? Do you think I don’t want to go home for Chinese New Year? “

The doctor also said too many patients were lying on the ground in hospital, he couldn’t work, “I want quite”! Doctor said.

The young female medical worker in the video said that she doesn’t know where the hospital director is. She even called the mayor’s hotline.


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1 year ago

来源:央视网2018年04月05日 15:40
出典:CCTV Network April 05、2018 15:40
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Source: CCTV Network April 05, 2018 15:40



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