An unmerry Christmas: A letter from detained comrades in Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre

Received a lot of Christmas cards. This is the darkest and gloomiest Christmas since the handover of Hong Kong. Yet you have given us hope and warmth. We will not stop and will keep protesting using our letters and words. We will rebound and grow from strength to strength. “Fight on as comrades, each in our own way!”

Stop saying you failed us; it’s the government who did. Stop saying you owe us too much. Each and every one of us has made an effort. It’s the government who owes us. Stop saying you are a “good-for-nothing middle-aged” or a “good-for-nothing elderly”. You are not worthless, it’s the government who never does anything well. Stop calling us heroes, for this title goes to each and every true Hongkonger. Do not forget who compels us to resort to protests, and who puts us behind bars. Who is still acting against Hongkongers’ will? We must hold those who started all these accountable. We must pursue justice till the end. We have done nothing wrong. We must hold the instigators accountable.

We have tried different means (to express our demands) in the past six months, only to find that the government is unrepentant. We should set a deadline for the following actions:

  1. to paralyse each and every government department;
  2. to organise mass strikes;
  3. to boycott classes and schools.

Tell the world and international communities: If the Hong Kong government does not respond to our five demands and investigate police brutalities, Hongkongers will keep fighting till the end.

Fight on as comrades, Each in our own way! No breaking off, No splitting, No snitching! Five demands, Not one less! Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our time! Come a day will we meet at the LegCo Demonstration Area with no face masks!

Hongkongers, Revenge!

Source: Facebook

Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 24, 2020