The Farm: Active Disinformation Warfare Campaign regarding Wuhan Virus

Author: Halliburton

Today, the CCP is hard at work drumming up the anti-Chinese sentiment on social media platforms like Twitter. Their primary goal is to now sow a sufficient amount of disinformation about the source and nature of the virus — in an attempt to place the blame of contagion on the Chinese people. The CCP wants the world to believe that the spread of this “novel Coronavirus” is simply the responsibility of those in the country who eat bats and other uncommonly eaten wild animals — relegating the outbreak to a cultural phenomenon. Predictably, CNN towed the CCP’s party line about the illness — spreading disinformation to the public in an attempt to blame the outbreak of the virus on natural causes.

(Editor’s words: no one eats that thing. If any, should be CCP cadres instead of the common Chinese!)

A key takeaway from this campaign is that, as always, the CCP is “urg[ing] the public to avoid crowds and minimize large gatherings” — which is essentially what the CCP urges with a militant fervor when there is NO outbreak. Safe in the knowledge that global health organizations operating in China are fully under the purview of the CCP, we suspect that this outbreak will be used as a coverup for activities carried out by the intelligence services and People’s Liberation Army.(Latest info: Wuhan has been closed by PLA on the name of Coronavirus, will Hong Kong be the next?)

The operations conducted by these organizations may vary slightly in style from time to time, but they sing the same tune — the organizations operating these activities are aligned to shared goals:

  1. The continuation of a great monetary theft from the Chinese people by kleptocrats.
  2. The creation of an ‘optical illusion’ by which the shared wishes of “1.4 billion Chinese” can be expressed simply through the global syndication of various propaganda.
  3. The commission of wholesale slaughter in the name of cracking down on dissent.

In either case — airports in the United States have begun conducting additional thermal scans of potential inbound carriers of the virus at SFO, JFK, O’Hare and major international travel hubs. As the spread of the disease progresses, it is important to keep in mind the political timing of these events. It should come as no surprise that this particular viral outbreak comes on the heels of outright rebellion in Hong Kong, the warning signs of rebellion on the mainland, and the total capitulation of the CCP in its negotiation of the recent “Phase 1” deal with the United States. Whatever the personal cost — the brave people of Hong Kong will remain steadfast and on the streets in their protest against the CCP.

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Jan. 23, 2020