The Farm: “Wuhan Virus” and PLA Military Theory

Author: Halliburton

The PLA has claimed for decades that the CIA is responsible for a litany of socioeconomic problems around the world. In one notable case, the CCP accuses the CIA of creating a culture of “young effeminate males” in the media that are referred to as “little fresh meat”. The CIA has been accused of creating “sissy” celebrities across China — something CCP hardliners loathe but must tolerate for now. According to The Times, the CCP alleges that the CIA began their brainwashing campaign in 1962 with control over the Johnny & Associates talent agency, and eventually worked to brainwash countless young men across all of Southeast Asia — including in Japan.

Another remarkable example of this tendency to blame the CIA — in the SARS outbreak of 2003 senior leadership in the PLA placed blame for the entire outbreak on the CIA and scientists at Harvard. Rather than having a government that better services its people by creating a world-class disease control and prevention facility (like the CDC) — the CCP spent its vast fortunes to infiltrate organizations around the world and develop biological weapons like the Zhoushun bat virus, also known as the “Wuhan virus”.

Subtitle: VOG-J, VOG-Fell

The origin of the latest incarnation of this mass deception, according to Miles Guo, is none other than Wang Qishan. Only a few individuals in the world are powerful enough in their operational and logistical capacity to carry out an intelligence operation of this size and scale. The following is an excerpt from Unrestricted Warfare that may shed some helpful light onto the extent by which the PLA is willing to wage war through unconventional means:

“War in the age of technological integration and globalization has eliminated the right of weapons to label war and, with regard to the new starting point, has realigned the relationship of weapons to war, while the appearance of weapons of new concepts, and particularly new concepts of weapons, has gradually blurred the face of war. Does a single “hacker” attack count as a hostile act or not? Can using financial instruments to destroy a country’s economy be seen as a battle?”

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pla why it want to wuhan. not for helping the poor guy in the sickness,but for crushing the guy who dares to say no to fucking is just a run dog of ccp. so pla fuck off from wuhan,from china and from the earth.



Jan. 21, 2020