Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on January 20, 2020

02:42— Called into Ms. Leather-Smith’s talk show, and answered questions regarding the secrete transactions behind the Sino-US Trade Agreement.  The CCP requested that the US would not cancel the Hong Kong’s FTA status pursuant to the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

03:54— In the Gnews posts, Mr. Miles Kwok requested MIZ team to add another request by the CCP in their video clip.  The CCP requested that the US would not seize the Kleptocrats’ children’s overseas assets based on RICO Act, and if so, Xi could come and sign the Agreement.  But the US refused this request.

06:49— The CCP only care about their illegitimate children, and never cared about its citizen’s life or death.  The CCP wants to destroy Hong Kong, plunder its land and wealth.  They want to make Hong Kong their alternative harbor to accommodate their overseas expansion, excessive production capacity, and currency oversupply.  They don’t want to give Hong Kong people any narrative rights.

08:37— The CCP are now in their scheme of fleeing.  They advocate multi-level governance in the world, and plan to destroy the US by 2025 or 2035.  The Kleptocrats’ kids are all studying in English school, while Chinese is only a second language for them.  And they are all over the world.

10:30—This Sino-US Trade Agreement is basically using $500 billion US dollar to silence the US, and temporarily hold off their investigating on those high officials’ children.  The CCP only care about their illegitimate children, don’t really mind of decoupling.

11:20— To answer the questions from brothers-in-arms: The CCP is capable of generating the controllable infectious virus, such as SARS.  And under the circumstance where their power is under the threat, and they can no longer afford to support so many people, they would think that the biochemical weapons could help them to achieve multi-level governance over the world, and stay at the top. And yes, they would dare to do so.  Although there’s no evidence on whether the CCP had transformed the Zhousan Bat Virus into the current Wuhan SARS Virus, one thing that might shed some light on this is that: over the past, there has been one factor, and that is whatever Hu Shuli reports are all false.

15:50— The fact that Hu Shuli voiced out for Wuhan SARS, it indicates the situation has become more complicated.

17:08— There was a doctor whose entire family had been infected by the virus, and have been under quarantine.  Mr. Kwok suggested all brothers-in-arms be very careful and don’t go to the hospital, and don’t listen to the CCP, but need to seek the truth.  The CCP doesn’t need 1.4 billion slaves, so half of them are dispensable.

21:36— Why do we need to attack the fake activists: It was due to the facts that the Chinese have no faith, and are very selfish, and lack of unity, which allowed the existence of the CCP.  A small cheat could become a big cheat.  That is why our Exposé Revolution must be accompanied by the Movement of Exposé of the Fakes.

25:47— Joked about Lude’s program failing to discuss those fake activists.  And commended on attacking moves against the fake activists, which took place in other brothers-in-arm’s talk shows.

26:30— Mr. Kwok does not care any hats given by the CCP, but would not allow any of his brothers-in-arms or compatriots be scammed.   Mr. Kwok hope all brother-in-arms would be united, and not to find any excuses for the fake activists.  When it comes to liars, true and false, and good and evil, there’s no distinction between minor or severe.  We have to expose those liars and hooligans to the whole world.

30:42— It is necessary to thoroughly investigate those fake activists such as Bob Fu Xiqiu, and to expose their true colors, otherwise they would seriously damage the image of the Chinese.  They use false information as their legal basis, and illegally bribe senators, which are all criminal offenses.

32:48— The Chinese is one of the ethnic groups that contributed the most to the Americans, and yet they are not respected.  It is all because the Chinese are not united, like to bullet each other, which is typical egocentric ethnic.  If we don’t change that, we would continue our suffering even without the CCP.  Our Exposé Revolution and the Movement of Exposé of the Fakes complement each other, which would help in building up a confident and healthy ethnic image.

36:40— Mr. Kwok joked about himself being under 24-hour protection.  And how it had made such inconvenience in his life – he even has to make a notify his wife ahead of time if he wants to have some intimate time with her.  There would be no broadcasts tomorrow.  He will have breakfast with the initiator of the Bill on Investigating the CCP in Europe.  Commented on the flower from his wife.  Mentioned that his new home has been renovated, and he will move after a couple of days.

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Chinese summarized by GM56
Translated by GM65

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Jan. 20, 2020