18 January 2020 Key points of Miles Guo’s live broadcast

 Many Americans ask to watch  Liu He’s remarks at a news conference after signing the trade deal. The video has been deleted. Liu said the agreement delayed decoupling and saved China.

?The CCP propagates the spillover effect of trade agreements, which is the false effect, diverting attention, transferring conflicts to the United States and creating hatred of the United States.

?From a America friend who met with Wang Qishan recently, Wang  confirmed that the CCP has put two guns in the United States, Bloomberg and Biden to deal with Trump and influence the election. Wang has gone really crazy.

?The CCP is so afraid of Exposé Revolution , and it’s officials are scared to say the full name of Miles Guo.

?Xi’s signing of the document made it clear that China-Us relations, the Xinjiang issue and the Hong Kong issue were the focus of the propaganda, which proved that the Exposé Revolution hit CCP’s  heart.

? In the phase one deal, the CCP spent $150 billion more to get rid of the currency manipulator, then Liu He finally came to sign it. Miles believes the phase two deal will be more difficult to sign and will not sign with Liu He anymore.

?Some people believe the trade deal will prolong the life of the CCP, but Miles confirms that the timetable for taking down the CCP remains unchanged!

Watch replay here

By: Mulan

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