The Farm: PsyOps, Viral Outbreaks, Thermal Retina Scans

Author: Halliburton

The CCP uses the spread of viral pathogens as cover for their more sinister plans and actions. Recently, we have seen a proliferation of “fake news” articles produced by Xinhua and syndicated to sympathetic Western media outlets that lay out a case for dangerous and rapidly spreading diseases, like the bubonic plague and a recently identified cousin of the SARS pathogen. One of the purposes for “getting ahead of this story” in this way is because the CCP was previously accused of hiding the true depth of an earlier SARS outbreak in 2003, in another massive coverup. The CCP will continue its imposition of restrictions on travel and communications on its people — and to an even greater extent under the auspices of the outbreak of yet another viral disease. This is likely a complex and coordinated cyber operation designed to distract us from the fact that the CCP is continuing to progress with its plans regardless of the will of the Chinese people.

Miles Guo: Is SARS another plot of the CCP?

In 2003, Guandong province (located just north of Hong Kong) was a flashpoint for the first spread of SARS. Coincidentally, it was also the site of recent protests on the mainland in response to the building of massive cremation chambers. The protesters wanted to know why massive crematoriums were being built in their city, according to this SCMP article. Interestingly, this article goes as far as to say that the entire town of 60,000 people was sealed off to the outside world, with no one being allowed to enter or exit. Further — the police that had been brought to deal with the protesters had accents that gave them away as being from a foreign region. It is conceivable that this police force was bussed in from another region of China to deal with the local “violent separatists” engaging in rebellious activities when in reality, the troops and the protesters are all simply being held hostage by their own governments. Something critical to remember is that the average soldier working for the PLA makes less than the equivalent of $1,000 USD per month.

The CCP is creating a “fake reality” and a complex narrative for Western audiences to follow along with in wasted attempts to hide their true intentions. The reality is that the CCP has been persecuting its people at levels previously not seen since the Cultural Revolution.

The Epoch Times is reporting that 3 airports in the United States will start using “thermal retina scanners” to determine if visitors from China are carrying this new “Pneumonia Virus”. We believe that this affair is merely a complex distraction and/ or operation being utilized by the CCP for nefarious ends — one of which is suppressing dissent within its own borders.

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Jan. 18, 2020