15th January 2020 Key points of Miles Guo’s first live broadcast

? The  phase one trade deal will be signed in two or three hours at the east wing of the White House.

?The Xia dynasty in China had the concept of separation of the three powers, that is, the power of the emperor, the power of the military, and the power of wealth separated. Reflected in the western architecture there are religious architecture, and financial architecture. The best architecture in the world is religious architecture.

?The nature of the Plaza Accord signed in 1985, is different from the phase one agreement that the US and China are about to sign today. The former is a currency suppression agreement between the Allies, the latter is a live or die agreement with enemy.

?CCP’s Plans of BGY, 3F, 5G of ZTE and Huawei, infiltration from HNA, Xi and Wang regime, the 19th CCP national congress revised the constitution,the One Belt And One Road initiative,  plans for 2025, 2035 and 2049, digital currency,  military expansion in South China Sea, Hong Kong anti extradition bill movement, the China-Russia – Iran military drill,  the Exposé Revolution , all these events have awakened the United States, let the United States see the CCP’s ambition to destroy the United States and dominate the world.

?As a result of the Plaza Accord, Japan lost 20 years from the original world no.1 status and lost its future forever. The agreement signed by the United States and China today is the agreement to take down the CCP which will be the platform and channel for the legal destruction of the CCP.

?The CCP playing rascal, even Liu He acting like a pettish, they try to delay signing the trade deal. Even if they signed , they also have no ability to honour it for sure. After signing, the CCP will get into a state of shock. To sign or not to sign, both will lead to a dead end.

?There will be a major crisis in the U.S. housing market, and a major event in the U.S. economy. The Trump administration has thrown to the CCP the economic bomb that can explode at any time in the United States.

?If the CCP fails to deliver on the trade deal, the task of  the Exposé Revolution will go straight to the White House.

?After the destruction of the CCP , the United States wishes to build a new China that is respected, trustworthy and friendly to the United States.

?The Rule of Law Foundation will promote the millennium peace strategic agreement between China and the United States. This will bring a new regime to China and  push the Exposé Revolution to a new era.

?Thank you to the people of Hong Kong for your dedication and sacrifice and please spread the truth about Hong Kong.

?Cheng Shuiyan case is not over. He hasn’t win anything yet. This is our litigation strategy.

?Look up Abezov in Russia , who is Russia’s Chen Feng. Russia will have big change for sure.

Watch full replay here

By: Mulan

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