Secretary Pompeo Delivers Remarks to Stanford University: Rethinking China-US Commercial Relationship

Palo Alto, California – U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo delivered remarks “The Restoration of Deterrence: The Iranian Example” at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University on Jan. 13.

In his speech, he discussed topics such as the killing of Iranian terrorists Soleimani, the US-China trade war and the Hong Kong protest movements.

Regarding the US-China trade war, he pointed out: “

China has restricted access for American products and its markets while demanding access for their stuff here. … It’s on us. We allowed this to take place no more. Here’s how we’re going to think about our commercial relationship between our two countries. We think that’s helped get us to a better place.

When referring to the principle of the United States in dealing with other countries, Mr. Pompeo also stated clearly:

In each place it’s the case that we have we have first delivered American expectations about how we think, they can fit into what works for the United States of America and we’ve done that through diplomacy, and then to your point when that fails. When they move past a boundary that you’ve said. it requires you to respond to that in a way that convinces them that you actually meant what you said.

Source: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Delivers Remarks to Stanford University

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