British Parliament Member Expresses Concern: Hong Kong Police Arrests Girl Within British Consulate Bounds

According to information on-site, at around 17:00 HKT on January 11, around 20 teenagers were sticking posters regarding the anti-extradition bill movement before 2 to 3 police cars suddenly arriving on the scene, with the police claiming they received news of someone vandalizing the site. Therefore, all teenagers were frisked and their ID cards were recorded.

The police found a bottle of spray paint on a teenage girl named Chu, who is a student at Holy Trinity College, of which she was arrested after the frisk, according to Facebook Page ‘Fei Ying’. Alternatively, a number of people were carrying promotive material at the time, but no one else were arrested. Protestors were informed previously by the UK embassy that the area paved with grey bricks, which included the Main Gate and the Guard Post, is of British territory. Thus they thought the police would not enforce the law in this area.

Luke de Pulford, Conservative Party Human Rights Commissioner, expressed his attention in this incident, especially pointing out the fact that a young girl was arrested only because she was sticking up posters that were promoting peace. Moreover, Pulford emphasized one point that this incident should garner immediate attention as the girl was arrested in the Consulate territory (as she was standing at the ‘grey bricks’ which was labelled as a part of the British Consulate).

Riot police claimed that someone had committed criminal damage and thus they had the right to enforce the law. Protesters have stayed there for around sixty days to request aid from the United Kingdom.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 14, 2020