[Hong Kong Follow Up] Granny Wang, now under close surveillance by CCP

Author: VOG-Tina

According to Stand News, on January 10, 2020, China time, the whereabouts of Ms. Wang (Wang Fengyao), an avid participant of Hong Kong anti-extradition law events, has finally been discovered. She told reporters via email that Shenzhen is currently under close surveillance, being detained again is not that likely but not impossible either, maybe even getting disappeared. She cannot reply to those who are worried about her, she is currently trying to get back to Hong Kong for medical treatment. Although she needs to face her fears, she does not want others in similar situations to be extradited to the mainland.

An avid participant of the anti-extradition law movement, “British Flag” Ms. Wang

The last known appearance of Ms. Wang was August 11, 2019, when she was taken away at Taikoo MTR Station. A month later on September 11, 2019, Legislative Councillor Zhu Kaidi quoted the Security Bureau’s response that Ms. Wang was currently in mainland and “safe,” but they will only tell the information to her family. The last time that Ms. Wang was at the scene of a protest was during the Hong Kong East Island Parade on August 11, 2019. She was surrounded by police officers at Exit C of Taikoo MTR Station, but it was unknown whether she was arrested at the time. According to Ms. Wang’s email, she was brutally beaten by the police on that day and was hospitalized. She was subsequently arrested on August 14 for “the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble” and imprisoned in the Futian Detention Center. On August 30, she was transferred to the Third Shenzhen Detention Center, where she described as “hell.” After leaving the Detention Center on September 29, she received “patriotic education” from September 29 to October 3. When the reporter contacted her on November 24, 2019, Ms. Wang revealed that she was being released on bail in Shenzhen and urged for the Hong Kong citizens to work hard for the elections in her place. A month later on December 17, Ms. Wang sent an email again, including a Christmas card she made. By January 9, 2020, Ms. Wang sent a third email to the reporter, describing in detail the exact time that she was disappeared, the locations where she was detained, imprisoned, and related information. She asked about returning to Hong Kong for medical treatment but received no reply. She encourages the Hong Kong citizens again: “I can lose, but you must win!”

August 11, Ms. Wang surrounded by police officers at Exit C of Taikoo MTR Station

The Futian Detention Center, located in Shenzhen. It mainly holds criminals who are sentenced to prison for less than one year, or if the remaining prison sentence is less than one year, for those who are not suitable to be sent to labor camps, they can stay in the Detention Center. The Third Shenzhen Detention Center, located in Shenzhen, is about two kilometers away from the Futian Detention Center.

According to online information, the Third Shenzhen Detention Center is mainly holding suspects of foreign nationality, suspects of major economic crimes, and has a women-only prison area.

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