[China] Textbooks Must Reflect the Will of the CCP and State?

Author: A VOG friend from Taiwan

Here is the new announcement from the Ministry of Education in China. The textbooks of primary and secondary schools must reflect the will of the party and state. The education material of political thoughts, language and history must be edited and censored by country. This news explains this announcement on CCP’s point of view. The Ministry of Education has recently issued “Administrative Measures for Teaching Materials in Primary and Middle Schools”, “Administrative Measures for Teaching Materials in Vocational Schools” and “Administrative Measures for Teaching Materials in General Colleges and Universities”, which clarifies that the primary and secondary school textbooks must reflect the will of the party and the state. Adhere to the guiding position of Marxism, reflect the requirements of Marxism in China, reflecting the style of China and the Chinese nation, the basic requirements of the party and the country for education, the basic values of the country and the nation, and the accumulation of human cultural knowledge and innovation. The “Administrative Measures” specify that the teaching materials must fully implement the Party’s education policy, Implementing the fundamental tasks of enhancing morality and fostering talents, rooting in China, maintaining China’s point of view, fully embody the core values of socialism, strengthen patriotism, collectivism and socialism education, and guiding students to be confident in the road, the theory the system, and the culture, and become the newcomer to the Renaissance of the Chinese Nation.

This Chinese news showed the world how CCP brainwash its people. CCP brainwash its people by education from youth in three categories, political thoughts, language, and history. After this brainwashing process, ordinary Chinese will turn into the so-called “useful fool” of Marxism. In a normal democratic country, people took the class of learning becoming a responsible citizen but this concept is totally twisted in China. The CCP wants to control the political thoughts of all citizens in China so they starting from the youth. This evil party wants its citizens to think that the party is greater than everything else even their own parents. This totally changes the nature of a human from inside. The second category is the language part. CCP teaches their people to say only the good things about this party. The one who questions the party is usually attacked by others or even worse is to be sent to the prison. Some people even got rat out by their friends or close ones during the “Cultural revolution” just because they speak out the inconvenient truth about the party. This is ridiculous but actually happened in China. The sad thing is that it’s being like this for several tens of years and some people is getting used to it which is a sad outcome. This totally changes the person from outside.

The third category is history. The CCP has wiped out many of the true histories of China and rewrites part of the history so that they can make its citizen or even the world to believe that they have the right to maintain their power. The CCP always denying the legal right of the ROC and not allowing to show the legitimacy of ROC in China mainland. However, if people do some research that they will find out the ROC is legit. It was not only the CCP who stolen China but also CCP who oppresses ROC internationally. History is the whole series of past events connected with a particular person or thing. When it comes to history for CCP, history becomes the propaganda and lies that CCP takes advantage of consolidate its tyranny and make excuses. And it changes the whole past of a nation.

Note: The crazy part is that the fake origin of Christmas is from the official announcement. Source.

From this announcement and news, we understand how CCP brainwash its people by three categories of political thoughts, language, and history. They twisted the Nationalism, collectivism, and socialism into strength up their tyranny. This must be stopped or the real Chinese culture and good old values will be totally destroyed into an irreversible state. It will even lead this world towards World War III in the near future.

The photo was taken in 2019…
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Jan. 10, 2020