Opinion: The Outrageous Chinese Sex Education System

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China has always been a society that put heavy emphasis on giving births and having children, there is an old saying in China, that a person is considered undesirable if he or she does not give filial piety towards the parents, but a person will be considered extremely disrespectful if he or she is childless. 

Once parents have a kid or kids, the most common question is always “Where do I come from?” or “how was I born?” The typical answer from many Chinese parents would always be “you were picked up from a random trashcan by the side of the road”. China is definitely a country that lacks severely when it comes to any sex-related topics. And Chinese parents always try to hide, play dumb when it comes to sex topics. Sex is one of the most common human interactions ever since the dawn of the human race, and yet such action had been twisted to the extreme in China. Today, as a person who went through the entire brainwash education system of China, I want to express my opinions regarding the evilness of China’s sex education. 

First of all, I want to discuss a few online videos that I have seen:

The first video is regarding a repentant live stream in the city of Wushun, in the video, a teacher asked a 9-year boy, “why does he want to repentant?” The boy answered, “because I have masturbated!” Then the teacher told him, “do you know that masturbation causes great harm to your body? Masturbation will shorten your lifespan, and it would even cause disability!” Then the kid answered, “originally, I was not aware of these side effects, but after taking this Chinese tradition class, I have now understood!”

There is another little girl who was also repenting on the live stream, she said to her mom and dad, that she offered her deepest apologies because she had watched some pornography on the internet. Then the teacher asked, “do you still want to watch those porn videos?” The girl answered: “Never!” Then the teacher asked, “now would you delete all those videos?” The girl answered: “Absolutely!” In addition to the female ethics class, there are also many other ethics classes that are directed towards young boys and youth males.

These videos were not forged, and neither were they click baits, all were true stories. The videos above showed that sex education in China was still unbelievably barbaric and inadequate. Regardless of the reason, no one should force underage boys or girls to repent in front of the public, and openly discuss their private activities. Not only that, they were forced to perform in front of school officials regarding how exactly they had conducted the sexual acts mentioned above. 

What these kids had been through were not merely harassments, they were violations of their human rights and the privacy which they deserved, in a word, this is a form of child abuse! Imagine the number of public opinions that these kids would face after these videos were uploaded to the internet, everyone they knew would make fun of them, judge them, this is a form of child abuse to the extreme. In addition, these parents should definitely take most of the blame, not only they lacked sex education themselves, but they were also extremely ignorant, pathetic and detestable. Registering their kids to these so-called traditional educations is in itself a sin. 

The only result that these repentant educations will achieve is brainwashed young kids into believing that the only purpose of sex is to have children, being ignorant of sex equals purity, and using society’s bias on sexual activities as the rule of conduct. Sex in Chinese culture represents the unclean, the shameful and shall never be discussed in daily life 

The second video showed a teacher at a female ethic class, telling the kids how to behave as a woman. She said: ”Being a woman, we need to speak less and do more, no matter what the husband told us to do, we should always do as he wished. Women should also stay at the bottom of society, and it is wrong for us to climb the social ladder! Tenderness is the very foundation of being a woman, and being obedient is in our instinct. There are four basic rules that we women must obey, first, we shall never fight back when being beaten, we shall never talk back when being cursed, we shall always obey, and we shall never divorce. The teacher even said that if a woman switches boyfriend often, her hands and feet will rot, and must be amputated.” She then went on to show the young kids inside the classroom pictures of rotten hands, legs, and feet. 

Such an education method does much more harm than good, and will definitely make kids become superstitious. In addition, seeing all those pictures of rotten hands and feet will no doubt cause negative psychological effects on kids. 

The third video showed another young woman repenting, she said:” the way I dress was too sexy, and exposed a lot of skin. That was equal to asking other people to assault me, right? I was so afraid that the way I dress would eventually infect me with gangrene.  I would smell bad, and the pain would make me sleepless, and in the end, I might need to amputate my legs!” 

These outrageous videos really existed on the Chinese internet, and we could clearly see these kids were terrified after seeing disgusting pictures and hearing the outrageous consequences of sexual actives. The only goal that such education could achieve is to make these kids live in fear for eternity because their understanding of sex is completely twisted. 

In the following let’s look at a few news articles

News 1: an 18-year-old girl who spent 3 hours giving birth inside an internet café, and then strangled the newborn baby, killing him, what was the cause? 

News 2: a young woman continued to serve the internet after giving birth inside an internet café, as nothing had happened while waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. 

News 3: an internet celebrity who was mentioned by China Central Television, became a teenage mom, which brought significant hardship to her life. 

News 4: Teenage mom giving birth by herself then killing the newborn, shocking! 

News 5: 68-year-old sex predator prayed on kids from his own relatives for 40 years straight, both boy and girl had been abused! 

News 6: a dad crying in agony, claiming that his daughter had been sexually assaulted multiple times! 

News 7: 13-year-girl falling in love, the sexual abuse trauma that no one talks about. 

News 8: Man chasing after an underage girl, ripped off her clothes and groped her breasts, then go on to rape her and finally killed the victim. 

Based on the news stories above, we can see that most of the victims were underage girls, and most of these victims were impregnated after being assaulted or abused. Under many circumstances, the Chinese parents tend to engage in victim-blaming when such unfortunately incidents had happened. Only a tiny portion of Chinese parents would seek to find out the reason behind these tragic events and seek litigation. 

Sometimes, kids engaged in sexual acts because they were driven by curiosities and their own desires, in addition, since the sexual education in China is so inadequate, they have no idea how to protect themselves or what is the right course of action. And when tragedies do happen, who should take responsibility? The teachers? Their parents? Without the correct guidance, these kids are forever trapped in psychological trauma and self-blame. 

When it comes to anything related to sex, Chinese parents really need to step up their games and become more involved. They need to tell their kids that touching without consent is harassment, and how to identify if someone is trying to lure their kids into sexual acts. If the unimaginable really happened, instead of holding it back, encourage the kids to speak up to their parents, and together choose the right course of action. 

Unfortunately, Chinese kids lack any reasonable sex education, some kids even think that the adults are playing games with them, while in reality the kids are being sexually assaulted. Such tragedy was in the clear display when the Blue, Gold, Yellow kid garden franchise in China engaged in sexual abuse of over 300 kids. Some kids claimed that the school officials were engaged in “piston” activities with them. Furthermore, there were many kids who were assaulted, but never spoke up or talked to anyone. When sex is a forbidden topic, tragedies only resulted in silence. 


Sex is the inception of life, but in modern China, it is a topic that no one talks about. In ancient China, lovemaking was even in many well-known paintings. But after China opened its door to the west, and hundreds of years after the last feudalistic dynasty, the CCP is changing the names of reproductive organs on scientific magazines and education materials. And because of the ignorance and inadequate education, the tragedies never end. 

If one day I have a kid, I will make sure he or she knows about nocturnal emission, menstruation, what is sex. There is no need to be shameful, there is no need to be afraid of your feelings, and sexual impulse. But I will make sure the kids will understand the consequences of his or her actions, and whether or not they are ready for the consequences. 

Dear comrades, we have been paying the price for the lack of sex education for a long time, accidental pregnancy, sexual assault, and miscarriage are the prices we pay. I pray that when a child asks us “where did I come from”; we will stop telling him that made-up story of picking him/her up by the trash can. I pray that when the next generation encounters any sex-related problems or questions, we as parents will stop being idiots, instead, we shall become their best guidance.


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Jan. 09, 2020