Hongkongers endured much, from the searing summer days to the frigid cold, yet not given up

This 3D cartoon has recorded some key moments of the last six months, where our beloved port has become hosts to the white terror and red menace that has begun to fill the land, and an acrid, smog-filled metropolis. For us, these scenes bear an uncanny resemblance to the French Revolution as portrayed in Les Misérables.

The just have been afflicted with weariness and sorrow, and the door to justice seems shut and welded on all sides. While many may think that the future is bleak, we are in fact witnessing a new day dawning upon the Fragrant Harbour; a new hope arising with a selfless generation that has made the decision to step up to the plate.

This movement is but a requiem to all that has happened before. It a prologue of the journey to achieve what we all are so earnestly seeking.

Tyrants may chain and lock us up, but they can never make us bow before them, for we have a dream that will manifest itself in reality, a belief to realize, and a promise to keep. We will remain steadfast and immovable.


Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 06, 2020