The VP of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union Shares His Support for Students in Public

Ip Kin-yuen, the Vice President of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union and legislator shared on stage that the teachers have been protecting their students. On the contrary, the Education Bureau is spreading white terror. The massive arrests in the past few months have put extreme amounts of pressure on the teachers, silencing them from sharing opinions in class or even on social media on this matter.

Photo credit: First Hand

Ip reiterated, “It is time for all of us to hold the hands of each other and urge the government to change. By standing together in solidarity, we can make known to the Education Bureau what we actually want. We want the freedom of speech. Safeguard our professionalism. Safeguard our students.”

Source: First Hand

Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 05, 2020