“The death of Soleimani will cause the U.S. to focus its attention on exterminating the CCP.” Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 04/01/2020

02:10– The geopolitics of the world has changed quite a bit in the past few weeks. In particular, the downing of a Taiwanese Helicopter carrying a top Taiwanese military official has caught the attention of the U.S.. The hacking technology of the CCP threatens the cybersecurity of anywhere in the world where chips and electronics are present.

04:42– Miles suspected that the downing of the Hawk helicopter in Taiwan might have been the works of the CCP.

05:22– When Miles was with his family on his yacht on the Hudson River, his ship was hacked by the CCP and it almost killed him and his family. 

06:12– Miles exposed the infiltration of the CCP in Taiwan: most of the Taiwanese troops follow orders from Beijing, the CCP has set up a hidden brothel in Taiwan since the 1990s to offer sexual bribes to Taiwanese military officials.

07:48– The U.S. feels especially threatened because if the CCP in fact controls that much of Taiwan, then U.S. arms sales to Taiwan is nothing more than supplying the CCP with top-notch U.S. military technology and weapon.

08:06– Miles exposed that one of the main ways that the CCP steals U.S. military technology is through arms sales to U.S. allies. The rule of law foundation is pushing forward legislation that would prevent this kind of theft and cut off the CCP’s various ways of stealing U.S. technology.

09:35– The joint military exercise between China, Iran, and Russia is a big new year gift given to the Exposè Revolution by God, it promoted strong U.S. response and expedited the CCP’s. Inevitable demise.

12:41– Miles said that without Qassem Soleimani, Ali Khamenei’s demise is predictable and will soon materialize.

13:34– Miles said that many countries in the world have the capabilities to carry out a strike similar to that of the killing of Soleimani, including the CCP, however, few dare to carry it out as the US did.

15:45– Miles said that the U.S. and its European allies will not stand idle by while China, Iran, and Russian hold joint military exercises.

16:43– According to Miles, to internationalize the RMB, the CCP will engage in military expansion to expand its sphere of influence.

18:43– Miles said that if the trade deal was to be signed, then it will be a modern-day equivalent of an opium war in that it will allow the US to legally exterminate the CCP without the need to engage in actual warfare and therefore minimize the loss of innocent lives. The Rule of Law Foundation has a full set of plans to coordinate with the US government should that happen. But either way, with or without a trade deal, the CCP will be exterminated.

20:47– The importance and significance of the RoL foundation is that it offers a platform for people like Kyle Bass and Steve Bannon to legally engage in exterminating the CCP. This is why people like Xisi pan plots with the CCP to attack us.

23:59– The Exposè Revolution is the strongest supporter of the HK and Xinjiang human rights acts, which is why the CCP is coming after us. The death of Soleimani will cause the U.S. to focus its attention on exterminating the CCP.

25:15– So far, the events that have transpired since the beginning of 2020 have all been very positive for the Expose Revolution.

26:55– Miles said that the Exposè Revolution is pushing forward legislation that will end the CCP’s dictatorship in China. Time will tell!

29:29– As always, Miles ended the broadcast with a prayer in which he prays for the people of the world in kindness. 

More detail please follow GTV:https://livestream.com/accounts/27235681/events/8197481/videos/200444764

Chinese Summary by GM56
Translated by GM62

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Jan. 03, 2020