DAB sets up body to monitor new district councillors

The pro-Beijing DAB party has set up a monitoring body to keep an eye on the work of newly elected councilors across the city’s 18 districts after pro-democracy won more than 80% of the seats in District Council.

The monitoring body will consist of a number of defeated candidates and former councilors to ensure the newly elected councilors are conducting their duties in accordance with the Basic Law and other relevant legislation.

They claimed investigating police violence violates the District Council Ordinance but Cheng Lai-king, the new chairperson of the Central and Western District, says she will continue to demand the disbanding of the police force and the government’s acceptance of the protesters’ five demands.

She also led a moment of silence to remember those who have died during the ongoing anti-government movement in the first council meeting.

Excerpt: RTHK (02-Jan)

Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 03, 2020