HK Police Operations Intimidate Civilian Women

Police stated that a report was received at around 9 pm on December 30 about someone vandalizing the sidewalk with adhesive glue at Tin Shing Road Pedestrian Tunnel (Ginza Pedestrian Tunnel).

A pregnant woman was among the arrested. She was asked to kneel on the ground and wait for an investigation. Despite that she felt ill and vomited, the police did not send her to the hospital for proper treatment until 4 hours later at 1 am.

Source: Apple Daily

On New Year Day, police fired tear gas in the downtown district, causing many passersby to choke and fall victim to the pungent gas. In Causeway Bay, several foreign women fled in terror from the police tear gas attack. They ran to a convenience store and attempted to hide inside the fridge. Tear gas went into the store, frightening them even more.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Yuen @ USP United Social Press
Photo Credit: Benjamin Yuen @ USP United Social Press

Source: USP United; Apple Daily

Contributor: GM02

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Jan. 03, 2020