CCP’s true 2020 economic outlook: Wang Qishan says “eat grass”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) exaggerated and fabricated its achievements in 2019. Its pledge to “unswervingly uphold world peace and promote common development” was praised by global experts.

The CCP leader said that 2020 would be “a year of milestone significance”, pledging that the country will complete its task this year of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. This is mission-impossible, because its economy is on a brink of collapse.

The CCP again creates a lie to fool the world including some so-called global experts.

Many global experts don’t understand CCP’s predatory economic model built upon enslaving the 1.4 billion Chinese

Jon R. Taylor, a professor and chair of the Department of Political Science and Geography at the University of Texas at San Antonio, said China sends an optimistic message to the world, with its particular emphasis on issues such as poverty eradication and common development.

“What most impressed me about China in 2019 was its ability to handle a series of adverse economic, trade and social stability issues.” He said.

Andrei Ostrovsky, deputy director of the Institute of the Far East at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said China has made tremendous achievements in improving its economy and people’s living conditions in the past decade.

Yan An, president of the Association of Chinese Education in Japan, said that CCP’s propaganda reflects “the dazzling and extraordinary achievements the motherland has made”.

Christopher Bovis, a professor of international business law at the University of Hull, hailed China’s quest to balance its economic progress with social development.

He said that China’s structural reforms and the continued opening up of its economy have coincided with the need to adopt a governance model with responsive and responsible political and economic leadership, and the need to promote people-centered sustainable development to eradicate poverty and promote stability, peace and harmonious relations.

Rana Mitter, director of the University of Oxford China Center, said China stressed economic development in particular, and that it’s vital for global economic development to become increasingly cooperative rather than competitive in the 2020s. He was impressed with the Chinese leader’s pledges on consistent strategies for international growth and cooperation through this year.

“China will have to play a major role in shaping that new economy,” he said. “This is an area where the United Kingdom, the European Union, and China can all cooperate, helping to shape a new economic model.”

What impressed Alan Barrell, director of studies at Cambridge Innovation Academy, was that China is willing to join hands with people of all countries to build the Belt and Road Initiative and push ahead to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Barrell said it will be “very important” for his country, the United Kingdom, to continue to forge close links with China and expand cross-border cooperation and investment in the post-Brexit era.

“Perhaps it is more important than the eventual outcome of the deals done now between the UK and the EU,” he said.

The Chinese netizens spread this picture of Wang Qishan eating grass

Wang Qishan, the vice president of China, said to one of his American friends in 2019 that the Chinese people would eat grass for a year in order to fight the U.S.

The CCP is running low in foreign currency reserve and stopped buying American farm products in order to hurt Trump voters. Wang Qishan boasted to an American visitor recently that the Chinese had survived a year without eating (American) pork. So, the CCP is taking the Chinese people hostage to fight against the West. The CCP’s recent naval drills with Iran and Russia sent a dangerous message to the world that it had abandoned all peace promises and will resort to military confrontations in order to survive.

The CCP’s current economic model is devastating to China’s environment and its people. Most of the country’s wealth is stolen by the kleptocrats to enrich themselves, infiltrate the world and prepare for a war against the West. China’s development will benefit the world only after the CCP is wiped out in 2020.

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Jan. 02, 2020