The Farm: Underground Church Religious Persecution

Author: Halliburton

Since its inception, the Chinese Communist Party has never ceased a perpetual crackdown on various forms of organized religion in mainland China. Whether it is Muslims in Xinjiang, Buddhists in Tibet, Christians, or Falun Gong the CCP sees non-Party organizations as anathema. They have chosen these groups as their targets for systematically elimination. It is important to see how their various strategies are applied to better understand the nature of their repression — and how in many ways, it is already spreading across the world. 

The CCP sees Western governments with more permissive religious systems as being handicapped by their non-uniformity. Party officials get their marching orders from their boss and use a standard suite of propaganda and talking points to weaponize internal and periphery media to continue the brainwashing of followers and the general public. The end goal is for the belief that, for example, organized religion is simply too dangerous to be permitted in mainland China and that the world has more important things to look at. The CCP uses diversionary tactics to censor these topics across the entire internet.

The CCP threatens “offenders” with catch-all criminal charges referred to “subversive activities” that carry steep prison sentences and other penalties for non-compliance. Participation in organized religion that is not sanctioned by the state somehow immediately makes one an eligible organ donor to the Communists. 

According to AFP — a Protestant Pastor, Wang Yi, was sentenced to 9 years in prison in Chengdu as part of a deeper crackdown against the “Underground Church” in China. Pastor Wang Yi was the leader of the “Early Rain Covenant Church” — where many members have been disappeared since December 2018. This takes place under the same suite of repressive and draconian laws and tools that the CCP uses to control many other aspects of life. We can presume that the Communists have no issues enforcing the same depraved systems of control against Christians as they have against Buddhists in Tibet, Muslims in Xinjiang, and Falun Gong on the mainland. 

In the discussion at 2:24:50(English dubbed), Mr. Guo and Mr. Bannon discuss a number of topics related to the CCPs institutionalized religious persecution:

1. The CCP harbors machinations to kill the Dali Lama. 

2. The CCP used the BGY program to corrupt Pope Francis

3. Pope Francis sold out Catholics in China by allowing more radicalized elements of the CCP to manage the selection of Bishops and other administrative officials on the mainland, thereby abandoning the Underground Church.

As we have recently learned from Mr. Guo, Wang Qishan is the leader of a depraved sect of his own. This is referred to as “double cultivation” which is a part of a twisted corruption of the Buddhist religion. 

It is our opinion that the United States Constitution was designed to create a government that inherently protects the rights of its citizens to worship freely. This model can and should be mirrored in any test of the Rule of Law.

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Jan. 02, 2020