The Cyber Crimes of the CCP Against HK Human Rights NGOs

According to an Australian cybersecurity firm, they have investigated security breaches in numerous NGOs. They traced hacking back to the Chinese state. The hacking started as early as 2014. The NGOs are mainly human rights groups who have reported on Hong Kong protests and Uighur rights.

The firm tracked malware on affected NGO networks and discovered thefts of data, such as injecting malicious scripts to download private files. 

The Sky News Australia tried to reach out to one of the affected NGOs, but the organization decided to remain anonymous and not to appear on camera. Even in the reporting, the organization requested the reporter to use a pseudonym, due to potential threats and fear for the safety of its employees.

In the interview, an Australian security analyst warns that “every NGO out there” needs to be prepared for these state-sponsored attacks. While Sky News did not disclose more information on the affected organizations, there is no evidence that the NGOs are located solely in China. This elaborate scheme goes to show the extent of CCP’s plot against Western democracy and free speech.

Source: Sky News

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Jan. 01, 2020