Taiwan: anti-infiltration law passed ahead of a ‘dramatic’ election

Tensions are heightening ahead of Taiwan’s presidential election scheduled on January 11th. The Chinese military sent its newly commissioned aircraft carrier “Shandong” to sail through the Taiwan straight as an intimidation on Dec 26th. The Taiwan legislature passed an anti-infiltration law on Tuesday to stop the Chinese Communist Party’s meddling in the election.

Miles Guo, a Chinese dissident who openly criticizes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), said on Monday that the election result would be ‘dramatic’. But he declined to make further comments.

Miles Guo talks about the Chinese military’s infiltration in Taiwan’s election on Sept 15th, 2018.

According to Miles Guo, the 7th division of the Chinese Military Commission General Office is “in charge of” the Taiwan election and determined to control the outcome of the election.

In the past, Mr. Guo said that the CCP already has full control of Kuomintang through BGY:

  • B: Blue – hacking
  • G: Gold – bribery
  • Y: Yellow – women/scandals/blackmail

For example that Ma Ying-jeou, a former president of Taiwan, is obedient to the CCP because his sexual orientation is used by the CCP to threaten him. Taiwan and the mainland enjoyed closer relationships and some key assets (including banking) in Taiwan fell into the CCP’s hand during Ma’s presidency. Mr. Ma is also a strong opponent of the anti-infiltration law.

The CCP went as far as suspending independent travel by tourists to Taiwan this year in an attempt to worsen Taiwan’s economy and make the Taiwanese “feel the pain”.

The CCP’s bullying has angered many Taiwanese. More and more Taiwanese awake to the threats from the CCP and start to defies the infiltration.

A young Taiwanese called Potter King was bullied and banned in mainland China for saying the word “president” during his appearance with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen. He lost business sponsorships from mainland companies. Unlike some other Taiwanese celebrities who apologized to the mainland to avoid financial losses, Potter King did not yield to the pressure. He made more videos to reply to Chinese mainlanders’ online comments.

Potter King’s video with President Tsai Ing-wen
Potter King’s video to reply to Chinese mainlanders’ online comments

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