Eastern District Council Member-Elect Charged With Assault of Police Officer

Eastern District Council member-elect charged with assault of police officer, “I will not fear any political suppression”!

On the night of 11 August, a crowd of reprobates jumped on youngsters in black and attacked reporters. Eastern District Council Member-Elect Jocelyn Chau Hui Yan, who was the Community Officer of the City Garden constituency at the time, was arrested at King’s Road that night, but was later released after she refused to be bailed.

However, Chau said on her Facebook page on December 30 that she received a call from the police for an appointment at North Point Police Station at 11 AM on December 31, for she had been officially charged with assault of a police officer.

Chau stressed, ”1st January 2020 marks the official commencement of a new session of the District Councils. I will not fear any political suppression, and I promise to spend my every effort to serve the residents in City Garden.”

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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1 year ago

还有没有法啦! 你奶奶的!!!



Jan. 01, 2020