Chinese professor from Japanese University missing after return to China!

Author: VOG-SenSpirit

A Chinese professor, who was working at the Hokkaido University of Education in Japan, has gone missing after a supposed temporary return to China. His colleague in Japan issued an “urgent appeal”, calling on anyone to provide relevant information on his circumstances.

Professor Yuan Keqin, who works on the Sapporo Campus of the Hokkaido University of Education, returned to China for a short visit in late May 2019. In early July of the same year, the family of Professor Yuan contacted the school and said that Professor Yuan could not return to Japan because of “ill health.” Since then, Hokkaido University has been unable to contact Yuan. (Note: the Communist Party’s evil means, kidnapping and coercion of family members to perjure. )

The sender of the “urgent appeal”, Professor Hyaku, who is a colleague of Professor Yuan’s, said on December 27, 2019: “I hope that someone knowledgeable can provide reliable information about Professor Yuan’s current situation.” Coincidentally, during November 2019, Professor Iwatani of Hokkaido University was detained and then released by Chinese authorities. Iwatani’s colleagues have heard that his experience was “uneasy”, and expressed further concern about Professor Yuan’s safety. If you have any information, you can contact Professor Hyaku by email:

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Dec. 31, 2019