Geng Shuang urged the US to ensure “Freedom from Fear” for its own people

When pressed on the tweet from the Secretary of State Pompeo on Dec. 28, Geng Shuang, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, made the following statement at the ministry’s regular briefing on Dec. 30.

The United States has ignored the facts and repeated the lies over and over again, there is nothing left to the US but a moral deficit, a credibility deficit and a reputation deficit.

Referring to the citizens’ Muslim faith and culture, Geng Shuang further deceived: “the fact that China’s Xinjiang and Tibet enjoy political stability and economic development, ethnic unity and social harmony is the strongest counterattack to the US denigrating remarks and slander.” On the contrary, “ordinary Americans have been devastated by gun violence for a long time, with the frequent occurrence of mass violence such as school shootings and public shootings.”

So he urged the US to mind its own business, “at least ensure Freedom from Fear for its own people, rather than interfering in the internal affairs of other countries”, and reminded the US that “outstretched arms can hurt your waist easily”. 

On Dec. 27, Mr. Pompeo condemned Communist China that “we want to see a China that respects the basic human rights of its own people, as guaranteed by its own constitution,” then he tweeted on Saturday that “From Tibet to Xinjiang, the Chinese Communist Party’s repressive campaigns are not about combating terrorism. The CCP is attempting to erase its own citizens’ faiths and cultures. All societies must respect and protect religious freedom.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,
Department of State,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China


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