17 Year-Old Student suffers post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after police brutality

Chu, aged 17, was assaulted by the police in Tai Po Market Station on Sept 7 when a human chain was formed and some MTR station’s facilities were vandalized. Chu said he was an onlooker but when he tried to leave the scene, he was surrounded by several police officers.

The police arrested Chu violently and beat his head with batons, for no reason. Bleeding badly and with a fractured finger, Chu was hospitalized where he got 2 stitches in his head. The police charged Chu for illegal assembly.

After Chu refused to bail in October and returned to school, he, however, could not concentrate in classes and tests. With the consent of his parents, he has to give up the public exam HKDSE, which is an entrance exam to university.

Chu said giving up the exam does not mean dropping out of school. His goal to study in the healthcare and medical field is reinstated by the movement as he hopes to treat the wounded.

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