Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 29/12/2019

2:41—Miles said that in his opinion, the biggest problem in China is the education system, which has long been manipulated by the CCP so much so that now it is nothing more than a brainwashing machine.

7:50—Miles said that if the Chinese people were to ever own guns, they will have to figure out a system of gun ownership and gun regulations that are different from that of the Americas. The essence of gun ownership is about safeguarding moral and ethical standards – a good man with a gun who stops the bad man.

28:30—The essence of human relationships is sex. Sex is a noble connection given to mankind by God, when one taints sex with materialistic desires, that is when sex becomes no longer holy but dirty.

30:14–How Miles wins every fight ( both literally and figuratively): bravery and speed, use the most efficient way to subdue your enemies in the shortest amount of time possible
36:50–Miles said that the key to subdue CCP is to first subdue its leaders, once those in Beijing are exterminated, the CCP will no longer exist.

40:00–Someone asked Miles a question about how to wake up those people who have been brainwashed by the CCP so much so that they refuse to listen to the truth, here is Miles’ response: You can’t wake those people up just like you can’t wake up someone who’s pretending to be asleep. We’ve done everything we can in our power, and it is up to them to determine whether they want to trust us, there is nothing more we can do if they refuse to listen.

49:00-Miles said that he first learned how to do business from the Jewish. His key to success in the business world it to keep the debt-to-equity ratio at a reasonable level, and to keep the spending low even if one has high expectations for future cash flow – you never know what’s gonna happen. He also thinks it is important to have a corporate culture that is both humane (meaning being understanding and flexible) but also strict (adhering to certain moral and legal standards).

60:00-Together, keeping a healthy leverage ratio and cultivating a caring yet strict corporate culture are Miles’ key to business success.

64:41–Miles said that by keeping true to those two rules, he was able to build the most successful and profitable business in China all the while benefiting the society and adhering to legal and moral standards.

66:10–The two essence of the Expose Revolution: 1. Our only goal and our mission is to exterminate the CCP 2. We seek no personal gains, no personal benefits, and no personal desires.

69:24–Two reasons why the Expose Revolution has not only endured but also prospered: 1. We are well-capitalized and need no additional capital from any outsiders to sustain our operation 2. We are altruistic and our only goal is to exterminate the CCP, we want nothing more.

71:00- Miles said that perseverance and hard-working are the only two criteria for success.

80:50–Another important key to success is to surround yourself with the right people – people who are stronger, smarter, and more capable than you. It is also important to have good time management skills.

84:16–When you seek only money, failure is waiting for you. When you seek faith and try to make money so that you can accomplish your greater goal, success is just around the door.

92:15–Miles again criticized Xisi for his greediness and for his efforts to dismantle the Expose Revolution. Miles also apologized for not pointing this out earlier, which have caused many people to falsely trusted in Xisi and donated money to him. Miles said that he will from this point on be much more careful about those he supports and mention during his videos.

93:40–Miles said that most of his strongest supporters are those working behind the scenes, only a small fraction of our supporters appear on social media.

95:14–When Xisi contacted Miles in LA, Miles paid for all of Xisi’s expenses without asking a single question or seeing a single receipt. Yet Xisi still betrayed us and worked with CCP, which is why we are exposing him now. Captain Yi did almost the same thing to Lude and is trying to exploit Lude, we can not let that happen. Anybody who attacks the Expose Revolution will have to pay for their actions, mark Miles’ word.

More details please follow GTV: https://livestream.com/accounts/27235681/events/8197481/videos/200264942
Chinese summary by GM 56
Translated by GM62

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