Chinese Communist Party ‘worries’ President Tsai Ing-wen will become a dictator

Author: Eleutheria

The latest episode of Two Sides of Strait, a program of an international channel of Chinese communist party (CCP) focusing on exporting narratives for Taiwanese to favor CCP cadres, has aired a concern that President Tsai Ing-wen will be a dictator if reelected. That’s right, the biggest dictator on earth worries that the President of Taiwan, a leader publicly voted by Taiwanese, will become a dictator if she gets re-elected next month. Let’s find out more about this ridiculous joke!

During this episode with the headline “Tsai brought chaos to Taiwan society,” a pro-CCP “Professor” from Taipei was invited to give examples to support this accusation as usual. Tsai was initially blamed for bringing conflicts from parties on targeting KMT, and for taking the presidency to serve their improper party assets. That’s exactly a key benefit for a democratic system to the people, which is mutual supervision among parties and communist China doesn’t have. And this is what CCP scares the most! Not to mention the structural reform is included in phase one deal with the United States! So, the CCP creates the narrative, describing that mutual supervision brings conflicts and chaos to society. In other words, the dictatorship of the CCP regime, hiding almost all the conflicts from the civilians, is called peace? Ostrich way of thinking!

After that, he blamed Tsai with five shortages in Taiwan. Let’s make a quick comparison with the CCP regime to find out the truth.

Five shortages in comparison
  Taiwan CCP regime
Electricity Not supporting nuclear plant for bringing air pollution and causing cancers. No.1 in capacity with almost 200 thermal power plants brings heavy air pollution not only in China but also in countries such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Based on research, also No.1 country with cancers due to all kinds of pollutions leads to six people out of ten carrying cancer.
Water Water lost due to pipe leakage Polluted water filled with heavy metals and chemicals, so tap water cannot be consumed directly, and then CCP creates the narrative that boiled water is healthier.
Land Lands are too expensive for industries Land could be cheap or even free to lure you in, but once you set up plants, you will lose everything once CCP acquired key technology, take Yahoo, for example.
Labor So many colleges and the system for youth to seek higher education are bad; no cheaper labors We have to admit that no one can compete with CCP for cheap labor as they treat the people as slaves even use kids as labors.
Jobs A bad economy; and enterprises are moving out. CCP lured in enterprises worldwide, including Taiwan, to the mainland with the potential market in China, suppressing Taiwan’s economy through multiple economic pressures, which is to blame?

Another “expert” saying people in Taiwan are already missing Jiang Jingguo, and missing the development even under the white terror of his regime. That’s exactly the ongoing situation in China under the CCP regime since it joined WTO. There are developments apparently, but people’s living quality is never really as good as the propaganda described; no one is safe, even for people with fame, money, or political power.

Based on the above evidence, which is full of flaws, this Taipei “professor” concluded that Tsai would become a dictator if reelected and bring further chaos to Taiwan. CCP has been exporting this kind of narrative since 1996 and getting more frequently from once a week till now almost every day. Because Taiwan is the only country with the Chinese race in majority enjoying democracy. Taiwanese need to see through these dirty tricks of CCP from the example of Hong Kong. Today’s Hong Kong could be Taiwan’s tomorrow. If Taiwanese people pick the CCP favored candidates, such as Han Guoyu. Frankly whoever CCP supports won’t bring Taiwan a better future but make Taiwan a part of communist territory just like Hong Kong.      

Last but not least, if CCP cadres know dictatorship is bad for people in Taiwan, then it should be the time for them to quit this behavior to the 1.4 billion people in the mainland.


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Dec. 29, 2019